What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You…

If you’ve got health issues like toenail fungus, acne, restless legs, allergies, heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, digestive issues, and even carrying excess fat, it’s your body’s way of sending an S.O.S.

And here’s what you need to know —

New research has connected many seemingly unrelated health concerns with what’s going on in your gut. The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to heal, but first you need to figure out the true cause causing your health issues.

Here’s what most people (and even some medical professionals) don’t know—in many cases, the most common chronic health issues start in our digestive track.

If you feel bad, there’s a good chance it could be your gut.

Join us for a LIVE Easy 5-Day Gut Challenge where you’ll figure out if your health complaints are being caused by an unhealthy gut.

(so then you can do something about it)

Gut Check! Is an unhealthy gut the source of your health complaints? Find out!

Over the past eight years, I’ve worked with thousands of people, helping them get to the root of their mysterious health issues and guiding them to create vibrant health.

I’ve watched conditions like eczema, post nasal drip, chronic coughing, depression, anxiety, and more all DISAPPEAR when people realize that the problem is in their gut (and then learn how to treat their gut right.) In this Easy 5-Day Gut Challenge.

Thousands of people are saying YES to a 5-day self-assessment to find out what’s healthy (and normal), and what’s a sure sign that something’s out of whack.

And to answer your burning question—Yes. There WILL be a daily dance party. (I’m 100% SERIOUS! I would never joke about a thing like that.)

The Nitty Gritty: A Worldwide Challenge

This is a worldwide challenge that will educate you on whether or not your gut is the underlying factor in your health concerns.

It begins NOW!

Every day for five days you’ll join me for a short video training emailed to you on what you need to know about five KEY indicators of gut health.

You’ll learn tools and tricks and get clear about what might be the culprit behind lagging energy, sluggish digestion, and everything from thyroid issues to diabetes to stormy moods.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Skin Sense—Your largest organ!

Your skin is like a mirror of your insides. You can’t see the inside of your body without swallowing a camera—even then, that diagnostic tool is not as instant and informative as what what your skin tells you every time you look in the mirror. When I meet someone, I immediately look at their eyes, the quality of their skin, and the way they hold tension in their facial muscles. I can tell a lot about their daily habits and what needs to shift so they can be more energetic. This is visual diagnosis is easy to learn and I’ll teach you how to do it yourself.

Lesson 2: The Golden Doodle Experience. And Why You Want It

There’s a lot of controversy about how many times a day you should “go to your office”, what your “business” should look like, or how should it smell (roses, of course), and everything else related to “nature”. But not only is this the best time to catch up on some reading, a #2 is the #1 tool to see what your body’s up to. Are you absorbing all those organic food or letting them go to waste—literally? Are you toxic? Dehydrated? What meals suit you and which could be harming you? Even how you feel emotionally immediately after eliminating can tell you a sh*t ton. Do you feel energetic, happy, and even proud after answering the call of the wild? Or do you feel drained and gross? Armed with understanding what you’re looking at, every time you go to the bathroom you can begin the process of making your body stronger, which means you’ll get sick less often, feel peppier, and absorb more nutrients. Once you learn what the majestic golden doodle is, believe me—you’re going to want one everyday.

Lesson 3: Energy leaks

Are afternoon slumps part of your daily routine? Do you sleep through the night without having to get up or do you wake feeling tired? How do you tell what a normal energy level is? The great thing about your energy levels is they are like a muscle. With the right training you can actually build more energy and learn which things zap energy. We’ll uncover where your energy is leaking—a serious problem that might be keeping you zonked out for hours every day. What if at the end of this lesson you found out you were leaking even just 14% of your energy? For someone who sleeps 8 hours, you are losing 2.24 hours of focused productive time that you never get back. EVERY DAY. Most people are leaking 50% of their energy, which means half your day is spent coping with exhaustion. In this lesson you’ll learn how energy is directly connected to gut health—and quick things you can do to feel more alert. (No minor electrocution required!)

Lesson 4: Moods—The emotional connection

Feeling grouchy, unsettled, or dreading the day right at the gate? It could be tax day, but it could also be a sign that you’re body is missing nutrients or the right mix of beneficial probiotics. Did you know that the right bacteria produce substances that keep you happy and balanced? And that your moods can keep you sick and that being sick can affect your moods? You will learn how to assess your daily moods and determine if you can do something about it naturally.

Lesson 5: Plan—Handle it

After 4 days of learning about your gut, what it is telling you, and how to body’s signals and symptoms you are now more clear about what needs to change. The very next thing to do is to make a plan of action. On this day, we will carve out a little more time after the dance party to take all you’ve learned and compile it into a plan that will help you rebuild your gut and turn your symptoms around!

Following the dance party we will sit down together and map out your next steps to bring this all together into a master plan!

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Your Host: Summer Bock


Summer Bock is a trained herbalist and fermentationist with a background in microbiology. She has studied with some of the best nutritional teachers in the world at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and beyond. Summer designed the Gut Rebuilding Program based off the steps she used to heal her own body. She now teaches hundreds of people a year how to rebuild their own gut microbiota through increasing nutrient dense & the right fermented foods, detoxifying the body on all levels, and using herbs & supplements to help support the natural systems of the body so you can heal. You can go check out her weekly blogcast, Guts & Glory, to learn how to create a thriving body and unstoppable life.