What cleansing did for me (and what it can do for you)

IMG_3503I used to obsessively crave food until I learned how to cleanse when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t start out perfect. I practiced and practiced, getting better all the time. Getting better meant that instead of craving and binging I now can be comfortable with what I’m eating without intense cravings. I know that the cravings are temporary.

Cleansing has made my day-to-day life better. When I’m not cleansing I listen deeply to my body and honor the messages I hear so I don’t swing the pendulum anymore and don’t develop intense overwhelming cravings. I also am getting the nutrients I need through my food and supplements, which lowers cravings as well.

My hypoglycemia has healed through my cleanses. I used to crash like crazy and felt like I had to eat every few hours just to keep from getting jittery and low blood sugar. One day I went out to jump on the trampoline and came back inside a total wreck. My blood sugar crashed so hard that I thought I needed to go to the hospital. I thought something was seriously wrong with me as I felt the ground slip out beneath me and I crumpled to the floor. I couldn’t use my arms or legs. My heart beat fast and sweat covered my cold body. I drank some orange juice, which helped, and the awful feeling eventually passed, but this was my first experience with low blood sugar and it actually scared me so badly that after that I was terrified to let it happen again. I refused to go for more than 3 hours without eating and over time became more and more obsessed with my next meal.

This affected my ability to function normally, go on hikes, and participate with people in normal events because I was so scared that something would happen to me when I was too far away to get the help I needed. This fear was irrational, but was exacerbated by hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia made it nearly impossible to enjoy cleansing. I always thought about food and was always concerned about the crash. I never felt full on a cleanse no matter what I tried.

Once my hypoglycemia was healed (more on that in the future) I was able to comfortably and happily cleanse. It also helped me lose weight around my belly.

Another great benefit of cleansing was boosting my immune system. I have theorized that the common cold is really just a microbial toxic overload and the mucus and snot are just the superhighway for toxin elimination. When I started looking at the common cold as just that things really started to shift.

And since then, I rarely get sick. If I feel it coming on, I know exactly what to do to get un-sick quick.

IMG_2325Cleansing helped me break my food addictions. From sugar to gluten. Dairy to puffed cereals. From ice cream to pizza. I was so addicted to foods. I used them to calm down the intense emotions I (still) feel. I used food to ground me. I used food to procrastinate. I used food to comfort me. I used food to feel better. I used food to keep me awake.

Food is fuel. It can be pleasure, but at the core, it is nourishment. It is not a hug. It is not love. It does not fill empty holes inside of me.

Cleansing helped me find those holes and keep them empty long enough to see what was really needed to fill them. I stopped filling them with food.

My digestion used to suck. Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, cravings, upset stomach, heartburn, etc. My belly used to hurt so much that I just got used to the tight knot in my solar plexus.

Cleansing helped me figure out my digestion.

It also helped me deepen my awareness of my body.

I always struggled with emotional eating. I still do sometimes, but it is way less of a problem than ever before. Cleansing helped me see clearly that my emotional eating patterns were exacerbated by certain foods. I learned which foods boosted me up and which ones sent me into emotional eating tornadoes.

I also learned that by rebuilding my gut I was able to boost my overall energy and moods. Cleansing is one of the hands-down best ways to rebuild the gut. You can’t keep cleansing forever – you may end up getting too depleted – but you can alternate cleansing and gut rebuilding.

Cleansing is the cornerstone to health. Animals know how to fast and use this to heal. Humans have this ability, too. But most people are too terrified to go without food for a day. My dream for you is to be able to go for 1-2 days on a water fast and be fine. Doing short water fasts can be one of the best ways to stave off illness, increase energy levels, detox the body, and ward off chronic illness. I want you to heal your body to the point that this is a tool in your toolkit to prevent and reset your body – whenever you need it.

This is what is possible when you cleanse regularly and master the art of cleansing. You don’t get sick. You stay strong. You sleep deeply. You feel amazing and know how to respond when you don’t. You are flexible. Your digestion is awesome. Your mental clarity is on point. You enjoy cleansing. Cravings don’t rule your food choices. You break your food addictions.

But more than absolutely anything, I want you to know what it is like to just enjoy your life. I want you to know what it is like to not be sick and not have to make excuses for why you can’t go out and start having a blast. I want you to discover what you are passionate about and go do it. When you are sick for decades you start to give up on your dreams. Survival becomes more important than long term goals. When you are chronically sick you get to a point where you no longer know what moves you, what drives you, what makes you tick – because all your energy has to be spent on getting through the day.

Once you get better you have a whole new dilemma. And I’m in the middle of it right now. Learning what I love to do. Learning what makes me happy. Learning what makes my skin tingle and hairs stand up on end. But I welcome these new challenges.

I have no excuses anymore for not being able to follow my dreams. It used to be my health and my finances. I spent more than a decade trudging through mud everyday picking up one leg out of that muck – using all my energy just to take one step. I couldn’t even see the other side of that swamp. All I knew is that I had to keep moving. Everyday. One step. Decisive.

(The interesting thing is that when my health improved, so did my financial situation because I wasn’t distracted, unfocused, foggy-headed, and ill.)

It was the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. It took pure grit and pure determination.

And now that I’ve made it to the shore. Rinsed off all the mud. I’ve fallen in love with going fast. Mountain biking. Running. Skiing. Cycling. Racing Go-Carts. Motorcycles.

IMG_2271Because I don’t want to go slow anymore. It took all the energy I had at the time to get through it. And now I’m spending my energy learning how to create more.

I’m having more fun than ever before.

And I cared about none of this before. All I cared about was getting better. But now that I’m better a whole new world has opened up. I want to meet you there.

I want to show you everything I know about healing your body

The Probiotic Power Cleanse is coming up in November. It’s the first step towards getting healthy. It’s a step I recommend that you (and every single person) consistently take. Learning to cleanse is a must. This is a tool you will want to always have in your tool belt. You can take it with you wherever you go. If you are interested in learning more, check it out.

New spin on paleo – new video blog with Leanne Ely!

The Paleo Diet is short for the Paleolithic Diet (a.k.a. the hunter-gatherer diet, the caveman diet, or the Stone Age diet). It is a way of eating that resembles the way our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic era. This means you avoid grains, legumes, processed oils, and refined sugar.

This diet is great for several reasons:

  • It helps get people off gluten, which is a genetically modified organism in most cases and is causing tons of inflammation in people’s intestines.
  • It reduces the amount of sugar eaten, which switches people into fat-burning mode by getting rid of the blood sugar spikes often helping people regulate their weight easily.
  • It dramatically reduces the intake of processed, artificial, and junk foods.
  • It’s easy to stick to because you are getting all your nutrient needs.

I decided to learn more about Paleo myself so I went to one of the experts, my friend, NY Times best-selling author and nutritionist Leanne Ely.

I got an advance copy of her new book, Part-Time Paleo and interviewed her so we could talk more about it and I have to be honest – I thought it was going to be just another cookbook. Not so. This cookbook is also a tome of the best nutritional information gleaned from the past few decades. Each recipe reflects solid nutritional principles that will help you enhance your energy and heal your gut.

You’ve heard all the good things about Paleo, but you’ve never really taken the time to look deeper into it. If you’re unfamiliar with how effective the paleo way of eating is, here’s what you need to know…One of the studies in the book is about the dietary habits of a particular Papua New Guinea tribe called the Kitava.

What the researchers found over a series of years is remarkable:

“Despite a fair number of older residents, none of whom showed signs of dementia or poor memory… They did not find any accounts of heart disease, nor were there any signs of diabetes, dementia, acne, high blood pressure, strokes, or weight problems!”

Enjoy the interview!

Do you ever catch yourself staring blankly at the carrots and kale in the grocery store, thinking:

I’ve made the same kale recipe for years and I know it’s good for me, but really – I’m getting bored…

And, you really, really want to eat healthy—maybe even paleo because you’ve heard tell-tale of its stunning health benefits, but you know it’s probably just another food fad that will end up being bad for you in a few years anyway.

I feel ya.

So how do elevate your healthy eating experience from stuck-in-a-rut to total confidence and fun in the kitchen (and your mouth)?

Here are four things that make it easy to eat nutrient dense foods that make you feel energized and snazzy:

#1 Know what to eat and have a plan for your “hunting and gathering” at the grocery store.

#2 Be prepared in your kitchen.

#3 Like what you’re eating. Simple, but not always easy, this is one of the best things you can do to create great habits. (If you don’t eat things that make your mouth sing with pure delight, you probably won’t keep with it.)

Trick #4 will make all of the above three things super easy. . .

It’s a new (and free!) Part-Time Paleo Starter Kit, from my friend, NY Times best-selling author and nutritionist Leanne Ely. It’s by far the best thing I’ve seen and I’ve fallen completely in love with her way.

Leanne is for real.

She’s helped thousands of women and busy moms for over 20 years feed their families healthy meals (without the whining!)

In addition to the launch of her book Part-Time Paleo: How to Go Paleo Without Going Crazy, Leanne is giving us the Part-Time Paleo Starter Kit

Having a paleo diet helped Leanne triumph over Hashimoto’s disease which she battled for over 10 years! I encourage you to order her book now, because the Part-Time Paleo Starter Kit is a fabulous bonus that is only available for a short time.

Why do I love this book so much? Part-Time Paleo:How to Go Paleo Without Going Crazy conveys her healing principles with true simplicity and ease. She uses many stories and includes great recipes. There are countless books out there and hers is not just a cookbook, but a simple guide to eating healthier than ever with delicious recipes. She compiles decades worth of nutritional healing information into one of the best nutritional guides I’ve seen.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Save money on your fresh organic produce.
  • Equip your kitchen for success.
  • Make mouthwatering smoothies.
  • Learn to juice healthfully.
  • Stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer to easily throw together any meal.
  • Simplify your life with menu plans, grocery lists and serving suggestions.
  • Harness the magic of your slow cooker.
  • Get your freezer stocked with easy freezer meals.

Get your free Starter Kit here and happy feasting!

Become the master of your life

I spent last week hanging out with Pedram Shojai, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Able James, Tom O’Bryan, Alex Jamieson, Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, and many other alternative wellness online practitioners. We connected deeply and got a chance to learn more about each others’ businesses and healing work.

This week we are all getting geared up for the 100-day GONG challengeWatch this video to learn what Gong is!!!
The things I’m going to show you help me sleep deeper, sit up straighter, and feel the energy flowing freely in my body. 

I want you to experience this too! 
In fact, let’s do it together. Pedram has an inexpensive program that will give you all the basics you need to get started on this challenge with amazingly talented healers. 
Because I’m friends with these folks they’ve given me a really special deal – they’re letting us in on the beta program for a fraction of the price. There are limited spots in the beta program and there are thousands of people reading this email right now – so hurry up and register so we can do this amazing self-healing work together. 

Let’s raise our vibration, free up blockages, and ground ourselves so we can be more clear, more productive, and more present in our lives over the next 100 days. 

Did I mention that Pedram will be hosting live Q&A calls each week? I’m going to be there. This man is an inspiring wealth of knowledge. Last week we were hiking through the mountains of Palm Springs and he kept blowing my mind with his ideas. 
I am committed to sharing the resources with you that I myself use. Let’s do this together. Dr. Sara, Abel James – The Fat Burning Man, and a bunch of other high-level practitioners will be doing this with us!  


P.S. Here’s the link to register and learn how to master your life with an amazing group of people.

How to be self-honoring (How I got over my blocks to being my best)

A month ago I went to my home state of Tennessee because my younger sister was going to have a baby and she’d asked me to be her doula. (I was hoping this would happen since we were very wee kids…)

Plane tickets were bought, I got someone to water my plants for seven weeks, and I was all set to stay in the guest room at my dad’s house.

“You can stay as long as you like!” said Dad.

It wasn’t more than a few days into my trip when it became clear that staying at my dad’s wasn’t going to work out so hot.

Now, I love my Pa, I wouldn’t have attempted such a marathon hang-out if I didn’t think that it was a good idea, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t a good idea.

What’s a fermentationist to do?

I found me an apartment to rent for a month and a half.

In my younger days it might have been a bigger deal. I may have hemmed and hawed, dragged it out longer, and possibly even toughed it out for the whole time to try and save money.

(Glad those days are over.)

Here, I really am grateful that I made a decision to take care of myself on all different levels. This apartment thing–it felt like an indulgence. Here I had a perfectly good place to stay. There was a bed, my own room…but it didn’t serve me.

I felt really good about the fact that I realized so quickly that this was how it was going to work out the best for everyone. I chalk that up to the fact that I’m committed to taking care of myself and giving myself the things that make me happy, not just keep me squeaking by and subsisting on “good enough.”

When I decided to do radical self-care I got to spend really wonderful times with my father instead of trying to make something forced happen. I would spend hours on his couch watching NASCAR and chatting it up instead of getting annoyed at the TV blaring.

We got to go motorcycle riding and enjoy each other’s company. I even invited him over for dinner and he made KALE! (This is still going to take some getting used to–since he did The Gut Rebuilding Program he has really changed his eating habits!)

And once I sat down in that apartment and locked the doors – I had a huge emotional detox session. I had been holding up my walls for months (maybe years) living with other people and I just needed the safety of being totally alone to let those guards down.

My meditation and yoga practice flourished. My personal training hit a new level. I knew where everything was in the house and the fridge was stocked with exactly the right foods.

It was delightful.

And everything in my life went better for it.

I’m so happy I made that decision to take care of myself fully even though it was a leap to rent a fully furnished condo for 6 weeks! It was worth it in every way to shift my mentality fromto one of deprivation to self-honoring who I am TODAY.

Are there things in your life that you deny yourself because they might be a stretch, financially or otherwise?

And how long do you wait, pining for the right time, when the right time is right in front of you with loving open arms (and maybe even has some really cool surprises for you if you decide to tango)?

When it comes to the things that you really want, the things that will plant the seeds of long term growth, do you say yes to them?

Getting in touch with self love is invaluable, and it looks different for different people.

Could The Fermentationist Certification Program be exactly one of those things for you?

The FCP gives you much more than just the tools to make the most healing foods possible, but also brings with it something deeper that your soul’s been itching for (however unnoticed & unrequited) for years?

I invite you to find out.




P.S. The FCP is like SCHOOL! This is a high level training that I’ve spent years developing. When you join the FCP, it’s an investment in who you are and where you’re going. It’s not for everyone, I’ll say that. I’ll also say that I’m committed to people being healthy, and that includes being financially healthy as well. That’s why I offer to coach participants on how to use the FCP concepts in their business, with the end goal that they get a return on their investment in a remarkably short amount of time. I love talking about business and coming up with creative ideas that really work!


How I saved my Southern family’s Thanksgiving (and my dad only complained once!)

I want to tell you a wild story about my family’s Thanksgiving dinner that changed everything. It’s how I found a way to be different AND healthy in my family.
Pumpkin pie

There’s work to be done in the food system. It starts at the plate, with your family and those you share meals with.

So many people tell me about the fear they have about changing the way they eat. They think it means they’re going to become social outcasts, that they won’t have a life, and they won’t be able to connect with others like they used to.

The need to belong is one of the most powerful human needs. People will go to drastic lengths to meet this need.

When a person who has been struggling with their health finally starts to change that, they often realize that the changes they are making are about WAY more than health.

It’s about being who you are. Expressing who you are. Sharing it with people. Holidays are a big deal for those trying to eat differently.

So let me tell you about my Southern Family Thanksgiving, Bock-Style.

For years, I had been unable to eat the most big to-do meal of the year. My family’s traditions included dairy, wheat, and sugar galore. There was no way I could even eat around that stuff, so I would bring my own food.

Although it had been years since I became confident in what I needed to do to eat in a way that didn’t mess me up for weeks, this year, I decided I wanted something more. I wanted to actually share this day with my family in a different way.

“Dammit,” I said. I said, “Family. . .this year I’m organizing Thanksgiving.”

To my astonishment, they agreed.

I wanted to share this meal with them. This Thanksgiving. It was a big day for a few reasons. One, my parents, who had been divorced hadn’t been back in the same room for many years. So that was happening. Recipe for disaster? Possibly.

Another thing: Grandma had always been the one to cook the whole meal. Very sadly, she’d since passed away, and my family continued to cook in her style…her turkey, her mashed potatoes, her stuffing, and her glorious, almighty pumpkin pie.

Beyond wanting to share this meal with my family, I wanted to impress them! I wanted to show them that healthy food didn’t mean deprivation.

So I assigned everyone a dish – this was key in getting everyone on board. We made a delicious bountiful meal. Steam from the stove poured out from the kitchen as my parents existed in the same room for the first time in years. Nothing broke!

We ate. It was outstanding. Everyone loved it, and my father only complained once!

“It’s not Grandma’s pumpkin pie,” he said.

True enough, Dad, true enough.

But what is was is something that I’d been craving for years–to feel supported by my family in this specific way. I took a big risk (can you imagine ruining Thanksgiving?!) and at the end I felt more in tune with who I am. I realized that by being who I am, by including others in my life, I don’t have to feel like the black sheep.

I still might be different from my whole family, but the negative association I once had for that difference just isn’t there. It vanished somewhere in between the dairy and gluten-free miso gravy and the moist gluten-free stuffing.

So what I want to you to think about is how you can stop living in fear of being the black sheep, and how to start embracing it. Being true to who you are, what you eat, and what’s important to you is a recipe for being powerful.

For many of us, we HAVE to be true to ourselves.

You might just decide that you want to find others who see things your way. When you let go of the struggle, of who you are NOT, you find out who you ARE. That’s where the cool shit starts.

If you’re interested in how we can spread these ideas on a large scale, I invite you to check out the The Fermentationist Certification Program. It’s a chance to embrace who you are, to find your people, to make a real change in the food system. Registration is open!

Meet me over here to check out the FCP

Love, Gravy & Probiotics,


PS – Want the recipes for that meal? You can find that here.

The most important thing I learned about healing with food came from a French scientist’s deathbed.

When I was in school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, I learned something that absolutely floored me. It was what Louis Pasteur, the scientist who influenced everything about the current food system, said on his deathbed:

“Bernard was right…the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.”

Damn. Pasteur invented pasteurization and shifted worldwide understanding of what makes people sick, and here he was, recounting his life’s work. (Bernard was his contemporary who argued for a healthy biological terrain—we’ll get into that more below.)

Before Pasteur, we didn’t know bacteria existed. When people got food poisoning they were treated by extreme measures such as bloodletting. Yup–let the evil spirits out.

This was not that long ago. Less than 150 years is a mere blip in the 10,000 year history of food cultivation.

Pasteur contributed a lot to our world, but his method for dealing with bacteria using heat kills off both the good and the bad, and the practice has drastically altered our food system and our bodies. The process uses heat high enough to damage the food’s nutrient availability, enzymes, and natural antibacterial properties, but that temperature is not high enough to kill typhoid, E. coli, TB, or Salmonella. (Dr Ghislaine Lanctôt, The Medical Mafia)

I’m not trying to *dis* Pasteur. He was the forerunner to the work I do now. Like me, he was a seeker of knowledge who set out to fix a problem that was affecting the entire world.

‘The terrain is everything’ means that harmful bacteria can’t survive in a healthy gut. If you don’t have the right probiotics your terrain is shot. This is why some people eat super healthy and still have health problems stemming from poor digestion, and live in a state of constant exhaustion.

It’s now clear that the terrain is the key to everything else. It’s not the only component to being healthy, but it is absolutely the foundation.

So how do you create a healthy terrain? When I found the answer to this question it became the seat of my personal theory of healing. Creating a healthy biological terrain is a new methodology of healing.

I also jumped for joy. That understanding led me from getting sick 4-6 times a year to getting sick only once every 4-6 years.

Are you the kind of person who LOVES making food and being in the kitchen and the concept of using food as medicine ignites sparks for you? I’ve got a free training coming up–Sign up and we’ll send the first one over shortly!

Register for the Healing With Fermented Foods Video Series.


It’s designed to give you tools to improve your health, the health of other people, and revolutionize your local food system. Enjoy!

Comment below to let me know your epiphanies…

Tempeh-Reuben Salad (Video Cooking Show)

My dear friend, Robyn Youkalis and I combined forces and created a delicious new recipe that totally blew our minds.

Check out this amazing recipe for Tempeh-Reuben Salad and comment below the video to let us know what you think!!!




Watch here and comment below the video!



My Father: A Case Study

I am over-the-top excited about this round of Gut Rebuilding!

Yes, more people signed up than ever before.


Yes, those people have been experiencing shifts RIGHT NOW, in the middle of the program.


I have to say that watching people heal their guts in such a short time is one of my absolute favorite parts in a lot of favorite parts.

But the real zinger? The part that I’m bursting with a mix of pride and borderline Just. Damn. Floored. by?

My father, Tom Bock, is doing Gut Rebuilding.

And? He’s my biggest fan. Sure, the whole proud papa paternal factor has something to do about it…but check this out:

Daddy Bock is diabetic. Has been for decades. The docs have had him on a whole cocktail of medications to manage, and he’s struggled with his blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight gain for years (actually for much longer than when he was first diagnosed).

Since starting Gut Rebuilding, he’s taking one third of his diabetes medications and has discontinued his hypertension meds – in just a few weeks of following my program.

He’s lost 13 pounds.

He’s cutting off the end of his belt and punching new holes in them to make them fit.

He’s had noticeable attitude changes and is feeling more positive than ever.


I just got back from seven weeks spent visiting my family in Tennessee because my outrageously wonderful sister just had this genius gorgeous baby—

The most hilarious thing about all this is that my father couldn’t stop following me and my sister around with his camera. Seriously, I had to tell him to stop! (And then he was still taking just as many photos but just trying to be sly about it!)

He is happier than I have ever seen him.

This here? The goods…


I also want to announce that I’ve got something special coming up here in the next few weeks. I’m doing a live webinar training call, free of charge, and I want YOU to be there!

It’s called “End Your Digestive Woes: 3 Steps to Rebuild Your Gut & Boost Your Energy Simultaneously,”. Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 3rd at 3pm PT/6pm ET to listen LIVE.

Keep your eyeballs open! It’s gonna be hot!


PS – Want to learn how you could start experiencing what my Dad did? Gut Rebuilding is open for registration.

Share and post your comments below…


The recipe that won an award–check out the video! (and announcing an exciting new podcast)

My friend and colleague Pedram Shojai runs the website well.org and asked if I would be on his show! Of course I said Ha-aaay!

This is a big deal! This is cause for celebration!

If you don’t know who Pedram is, you need to! He’s 100% incredible.

For starters, he is a brilliant doctor of Oriental Medicine.

He also made the acclaimed documentary Vitality, which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Pedram invests all his resources getting super smart people on video and showcasing their unique contributions that make the world a healthier place. This is a truly noble way that he’s devoted to improving the world. You must check him out!

Pedram can be found on well.org and on his podcast The Health Bridge.

In the video we did together I go through the exact steps to make the healthiest, most gut rebuilding sauerkraut. Head on over there to see a quick video of me demonstrating my chops (and my chopping skills!)


You’ll get to see the different stages of sauerkraut and hear about the gut rebuilding benefits of this truly super food. Learn the traditional spices, as well as a little known ingredient that adds a boatload of immune boosting probiotics to every bite of kraut!

AND. . .

If that wasn’t exciting enough, on June 18th I am going to be on his live podcast, The Health Bridge, with his co-host, Dr. Sara Gottfried, the Harvard-trained MD with 20+ years of experience and the author of the forthcoming book, The Hormone Cure.

You HAVE to check out this podcast, ya’ll! You can even make comments live online if you show up at 11am PT (2pm ET).


P.S. Don’t forget to check out me sharing my award winning recipe:


P.P.S. You can catch the Vitality trailer here:

P.P.P.S. Please comment under the video letting us know you watched! Even a quick ‘thanks’ is appreciated.

I trust your body

Integrity is one of my favorite words. To me it means your thoughts lining up with your actions.

I’m an observer.

I’m a listener.

I watch your words and see if they line up with your actions.

I trust bodies.

I read bodies.

The way you carry yourself, where you store fat, how you hold your limbs, the lines, stretch marks, your eyes, the muscles – they all ended up there from a story. Those stories started as thoughts and beliefs. I know what you think and what you believe about yourself when I look at you.

It sometimes feels like I’m psychic. But it’s not that at all. It is all there. Visible. It makes logical sense. It’s undeniable. We are our own stories. Healing is about processing the old stories until they end. Healing is about changing your beliefs and thoughts so your emotions can flow freely through you.

Now how will you let go of the stories and beliefs that are making you sick, pulling on your body, keeping you in pain, and worst of all – keeping you from experiencing the brightest best you possible?