Going Without Sugar

I’m on DAY 36 of no alcohol, sugar (fruit is ok), caffeine, or chocolate. I can’t say I feel fantastic by any stretch of the imagination. But I do feel something. I feel different. I feel more calm, more clear, more inspired, more creative, more sure of myself, less indecisive, and overall more in touch with the constant ups and downs of my energy levels, my moods, and my thoughts.

Something that surprised me about this is how on Saturday (a month into this decision) I was too tired to do much, really. All I did all day was read a book, run, get a massage, and take a nap. That’s it.

And it was super hard!

I am full of ‘go energy’. I am addicted to adrenaline. I like to do (almost) everything fast.

Over the last few weeks I’ve really struggled with these feelings of being unmotivated and tired in certain moments.

In fact, on Saturday, I had a moment where all I wanted to do was smoke pot to take the edge off. When the idea popped into my brain, it sounded like the best idea on the PLANET!

But I realized quickly that I didn’t want a part of it. I’m not eating and drinking these specific items because I want to confront my addictions and unravel them once and for all.

I am interested in what happens when I have to experience what this moment has to offer without trying to take control of it by making myself feel a certain way.

I am not thinking about food nearly as much, I get full quickly, and am eating 2 good meals a day and a snack. I spend more of my time feeling ‘hungry’ but not really wanting to do anything about it.

My biggest addiction of all is to adrenaline.

I’m comfortable having a healthy relationship with that through skiing, mountain biking, and other outdoor adventures. In this arena, it teaches me to control the adrenaline.

I’m addicted to adrenaline in a lot of ways, but I have found a bigger reason to stop drinking coffee which has more to do with deeper happiness, joy, connection to my partner, and better capacity to handle fear and stress. My sweetie has been a powerful motivator in this one as he doesn’t drink any caffeine and sleeps like a log each night. He’s also pointed out how I can get mean when I’m hopped up on coffee and chocolate. That was motivating.

I seek adrenaline through exercise and adventure with the recognition that I’m addicted. My intention is to expand my capacity to handle adrenaline without getting overwhelmed (and having a meltdown). I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but when I get a big adrenaline rush after flying down a steep ski hill or flying over jumps on single track mountain biking trails sometimes I just need a minute to calm down afterwards. I’ve experienced this mountain biking where I hit a wall of fear and can’t calm down. I get off my bike because I can’t get my mind centered, which means I’m not focused, which means I am not making the best decisions, which means I will probably get hurt. If I keep pushing myself internally or someone is pushing me to go harder externally when the adrenaline is pumping out of control, I can lose my temper pretty quickly. Or if I fall, the adrenaline just comes.

I keep practicing as a way to develop my skills in this area. Adrenaline is a part of life. I can’t get rid of it. I have to become friends with it. I picture myself being calm, cool, and collected no matter how fast my heart is beating. This is part of my practice when I challenge myself with skiing and mountain biking.

People keep asking if I feel amazing now that I’m not eating sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or chocolate???

I just feel more myself.

I get tired at some point every day. And I take a nap instead of eating or drinking something. In fact, I get so tired that sleep feels like the only option.

I wake up from my naps completely clear-headed and rested. Sometimes I even jump up and go run.

I wake up most mornings totally energized, but some days I just want to stay in bed.

Sometimes I get tired because I realize I’m hungry. I eat and it refreshes me. I don’t feel hunger as much. I might get more tired, on edge, or unfocused. I’m learning that usually means I need to refuel. But I don’t have that gnawing hunger in my stomach at all anymore.

This all feels good. This is what I think it is supposed to feel like. This is what is should have felt like my entire life.

I’m no longer pulled to make tea with sweetener in it. All the little things I was eating or drinking when I was procrastinating have stopped. Instead, I procrastinate with something that will actually refuel me. And I’m able to enjoy the break. Whether it is watching Downton Abbey, Scandal, or Nashville or reading a book during my break, I get refueled on many levels.

My bandwidth has also increased. I listen to more podcasts, read more, and study more.

I don’t get overwhelmed as easily.

So those are the perks.

Curious about the downsides?

Not drinking with others. When I hang out with people while they are drinking I actually have more fun sober than not. So that’s good. But I have this HUGE, I mean HUGE internal pull to break open a bottle of wine with friends and get really really drunk. Or make gin martinis until dawn. Laugh our asses off and wake up with new memories of an amazing time where we bonded a little bit deeper.

I miss going to my favorite coffee shop because the magic is gone when the coffee isn’t flowing through my veins. The people just seems a little less interesting.

I miss having a reason to go into a cute cafe just to buy something.

I miss chocolate.

Although the crazy thing about chocolate is that my right toe, which has taken over 4 years to heal has magically stopped hurting. I’ve gone without the other things before for extended periods of time so I know it is the chocolate. THAT is something I haven’t gone without since I started eating it when David Wolfe told me to. I think chocolate creates a lot of inflammation in my body.

That’s the long answer for ya.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts and internal workings on the subject.

Please comment and tell me what came to you while reading this in the comments below. Thanks!

Guts & Glory: Women, Food, & Desire with Alex Jamieson

Alex is one of my favorite people. So I’m definitely biased. I remember when I was attending The Institute for Integrative Nutrition live in NYC at the Lincoln Center in 2006 when Joshua Rosenthal showed us the clip of Super Size Me where Alex pops her head into the shot and is thanked for her detox diet that brought Mr. Spurlock back to health.

I thought in my head, “I want to be like her.” She became the epitome of a successful health coach. She was the reason that Morgan Spurlock was even able to make that movie. She was his contingency plan in case things went south. And they did. And she saved him.

I met her in a closed door business mastermind. I told her she was my health coach hero (which was slightly embarrassing). But she was sweet. I liked her immediately. And have ever since. 

We’ve become great friends.

But the reason I want you to know her is because she is a very smart women who has recently written (yet another) book. She articulately explains the source of cravings from the standpoint of desire. 

She talks about sex, chocolate, and your soul’s to-do list.

Watch the podcast to hear her say it for herself.


Summer interviews Alex Jamieson!

During the episode, she offers you a cookbook and some other cool stuff. You can go get that HERE.

You can purchase her book HERE. It’s a must-read for wellness practitioners and people who want to do better for their body. It’s got all the info you need to unravel cravings without going to therapy or sugarholics anonymous.

GUTS & GLORY: 5 Foods That Support the Gut


Summer cooking up some bone broth during the last livestream training. If you missed it check out ProbioticPOWERCleanse.com

My latest bone broth concoction from my Cleanse Party Webinar on January 29, 2015!


You have 3-5 pounds of bacteria living in and on you. That’s about a half-gallon of bacteria and most of them are in your intestines!


Since you own this real estate, this makes you a farmer of bacteria. So do you want healthy, strong good bacteria growing that nourish, feed, and protect your land or do you want bad bacteria and yeasts that suck out all the nutrients from the soil while leaving toxic waste in its place?


The easiest and best way to grow good bacteria is to feed them their favorite foods.


1. Raw, unpasteurized fermented veggies 


Kimchi, sauerkraut, cortido, cultured veggies, ginger carrots, probiotic pickles, and fermented veggies are all in this category.


In order to make sure you’re getting the right kind you want to make sure they are found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. They must say ‘contains live cultures’ and ‘unpasteurized’ on the label. They also must not contain vinegar. This is how you get fermented veggies that are filled probiotics, lots of vitamin C, and a powerful dose of lactic acid, which is a natural destroyer of bad bacteria.


Start out eating two forkfuls a day and within a week you can increase the amount you eat if desired.


Don’t cook it above 105 degrees Fahrenheit unless you want to kill the probiotics. Serve it with eggs, on salad with hummus, on brats, in potato salad, on toast with avocado, or as a side dish for any meal.


2. Dark Leafy Greens


Kale, spinach, chard, beet greens, and parsley all fit in this category among many others.


Critical immune cells in your gut, responds to the food you eat—specifically leafy green vegetables. “The immune cells, named innate lymphoid cells (ILCs), are found in the lining of the digestive system and protect the body from ‘bad’ bacteria in the intestine. 


They are also believed to play an important role in controlling food allergies, inflammatory diseases and obesity, and may even prevent the development of bowel cancers. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/04/08/eating-sprouts.aspx


Buy organic when possible. Grow your own when possible.


You can eat these steamed, boiled, raw, dehydrated, or baked.


Add greens to smoothies, caramelize onions in the fat from bone broth and stir in greens, add them to soup, eat them with breakfast, or make a pate to dip veggies in.


Please note that too much raw kale can impair thyroid function. Some practitioners recommend never eating kale raw. 


3. Sprouts

Sunflower, broccoli, alfalfa, clover, bean, wheatgrass, and barley grass among others.


Sprouts help feed probiotics and provides massive amounts of enzymes to the body. The vitamin content is increased by sprouting


You can make these in your own kitchen or buy them at the store. Organic is always preferred.


Add sprouts to smoothies, salads, mix with natto (a fermented soybean) and sauerkraut for a mid-day snack, or eat them plain like a little bunny rabbit.


4. Bone Broth

Turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, fish and other animals can be used.


The collagen that breaks down from the connective tissue is an important component to help heal the lining of the gut for those with leaky gut. http://bit.ly/1KJ4sb2 This creates a happier home for healthy bacteria. The minerals from the bones help increase mineral reserves in the body making it more alkaline and supporting your natural buffering system. http://draxe.com/the-healing-power-of-bone-broth-for-digestion-arthritis-and-cellulite/


You can buy this pre-made in some specialty stores. You may also make it yourself. http://www.summerbock.com/how-to-make-bone-broth/ 


Use it as a base for soups and stews, drink a mug of it for breakfast with a pinch of salt and a splash of sauerkraut juice, use it in smoothies.


5. Bananas

Bananas contain a prebiotic called inulin, which is a special starch that feeds friendly bacteria. This helps probiotics proliferate in the intestines.


Bananas are great by themselves (obviously) and are what make smoothies so smooth. You can eat them as a sweet snack with almond butter or make banana bread.


Please note that people with Candida or other dysbiotic conditions may not be able to tolerate bananas because of their high sugar content.

What are your favorite foods to grow good bacteria in your gut? Comment below and a few of you will find a surprise in your mail box!


GUTS & GLORY: The most important (and often overlooked step) in the healing process

Summer Sun

Me in Tampa, FL enjoying the outdoors without allergies!


Back when my eyes were swollen, my nose was dripping, my face itched, and the yellow gusts of pollen were drifting through the air I stumbled across an important (and maybe the most valuable) stage of healing.


I had an ‘ah-ha moment’ as they call it.


Standing there looking out at the yellow dust dancing around me I realized that it actually made zero sense that I was allergic to this stuff. I was born here. This is my home. Why would I be allergic to it?


From that realization stemmed the decision that changed my life forever.


I decided that I would cure my allergies completely. According to everything I had heard this wasn’t possible. I ‘might’ grow out of them and allergy shots ‘might’ work, but no one had ever talked about curing them.


I set out to do whatever it took.


And this is what led to where I am today:


  • allergy-free
  • cured of multiple chemical sensitivity
  • no more panic attacks
  • rashes and eczema gone
  • great natural energy levels
  • athletic
  • feeling great
  • surrounded by amazing people I love
  • connected to people who care as much about health as I do


My ability to do whatever it took relied on the strong backbone of a solid decision.


Creating a solid decision…and then sticking to it is as hard as it sounds, but is how you do it.


You set your intention in the right direction and you can achieve it.


“Anything is possible if one wants it with unbending intent and you don’t let your thoughts interfere.” -Carlos Casteneda


Most people want to see results before they start the process. The true order of operations is:


Decide. Act. Heal.


First you decide, then you act, and this is where the healing comes from.


So what does it take to make a solid decision?


First of all you need a decision that clears your mind. One that rules out as many doubts as possible. One that makes you feel the tiniest bit hopeful.


“I will do whatever it takes to heal myself from allergies.”


That’s a solid decision.


“I will do whatever it takes to heal my body.”


Creating a strong decision means you have to be willing to make yourself believe it again and again. You will have doubt creep in. You will have thoughts that tell you you’re powerless and you can’t do it. You will do the opposite of your decision time and time again. But the strength of the sentiment comes in saying it over and over again 200 times a day if you need to.


Every single time you encounter something that affects your path towards the decision you will have to re-decide to continue moving forward. You will find that trust is a great ally in this effort.


There is this fascinating thing called Decision Fatigue. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/21/magazine/do-you-suffer-from-decision-fatigue.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0


Once you’ve made enough decisions in one day your brain gets tired and you start making poorer decisions.


Based on decision fatigue you can literally use up all your decision-making energy on deciding what clothes to wear, what you will have for breakfast, and which country of origin you shall have your espresso from.


By the time you get to work and need to start making some important decisions, you are incapable of doing your best. You get overwhelmed easily and can fall into procrastination. You’ll experience being out of ‘the flow’.


That’s why by the end of the day your decision to not eat sugar or eliminate gluten will be harder to stick to. This is why you end up sitting on your couch sucking on ice cream at 11pm watching TV even though you said no more.


This is also why a decision that requires tons of willpower will be harder to accomplish.


Decisions like. “No sugar anymore” or “I’m stopping coffee” only last a week if that.


They are restrictive and they don’t tap into the higher purpose.


There are also decisions that are too vague or too abstract. For example, “I will do whatever it takes to have a successful business.” You haven’t included what you will measure success with. A more powerful decision would be “I will do whatever it takes to make $200,000 in one year while fulfilling my mission.” Overcoming all your little patterns and behaviors that are keeping you from achieving this goal are inherent in decisions like this.


It is easier to let your bigger intentions pull you forward and make you a better person.


Due to decision fatigue you should also only work on one big life changing decision at a time. This will increase your chances of success with it. Don’t be an overachiever here. Pick one and stick with it until you get there.


To recap:


There are some great general guidelines to creating a powerful decision. 


  1. Strong decisions allow you to create intentions so you can get what you want. “I will do whatever it takes…”
  2. Be goal-oriented in your decision. “…to increase my energy levels so I can ride my bike…”
  3. Make your decision measurable. “…so I can ride my bike 3 hours on the weekend.”
  4. Only work on one decision at a time.
  5. Decision fatigue is real. Simplify your life. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many decisions during your day.


I love powerful decisions.


I’m currently working on a new decision.


This decision has led me down a path of many smaller decisions that I have to make to get there.


It was the same with the allergies.


When I decided to get rid of my allergies I had to go get allergy tested. And then I had to stop eating dairy. And then I had to eat a low microbial diet. I just kept doing whatever it took to get rid of my allergies. My powerful decision guided me.








That’s the way it works.


Share your decisions with me in the comments below and I will help you craft them to be more powerful. 


For Practitioners: 


Are you helping your patients and clients to make powerful decisions so they can get the daily motivation and inspiration to keep them moving towards a healthier and healthier life?


Make sure you set aside time in your sessions to ask them about their goals.


Make sure they aren’t over-committing to too many goals at once.


Turn their goals into one-sentence decisions that they can repeat to themselves over and over that becomes an affirmation or mantra of sorts. This makes it easier to get embedded in the subconscious so they can start acting in this new way without using so much conscious effort.


A resource to look into: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.    http://amzn.to/1vqmDRb


Share your decisions with me in the comments below and I will help you craft them to be more powerful.


GUTS & GLORY: How to build your personal power and energy levels to have anything you want in life.

Summer Ski

Me skiing at Deer Valley Ski Resort in Utah last week!

Have you ever noticed my tagline ‘Thriving Body + Unstoppable Life”? Something I’ve learned on this journey of healing is that there is always better. You can always feel better than you feel right now. There are still new discoveries and technologies awaiting us in regards to our health, mind, spirit, and emotional states.

The vast knowledge of the balance between us and nature along with the practices and ways of being that are lost to us from our ancestors has set us back tremendously.

We have so much to learn and re-learn about feeling amazing.

One ancient practice is about power and energy.

When you build your personal power and energy levels more and more becomes possible for you in your life.

Power and energy are interrelated. The more energy you have; the more power you have and vice versa. When I speak of power I am referring to personal power. The ability you have to maintain full control of your decisions and actions. This is what makes you a creator and enhances your elegant abilities of manifestation.

In order to do this you must first take inventory of your current personal power and energy.

Take this quick quiz to find out if you have enough power.

  • Do you feel powerful in your day to day life?
  • Do you always get what you want?
  • Do you easily get what you want without taking others power through manipulation, lying, coercion, or violence?
  • Do you know how to ask for the things you need without demanding, fighting, or throwing a tantrum?
  • Do you know how to commit to getting what you want without giving up, going passive, giving in, or conceding with another person?
  • Do you know how strive to get what you want without putting someone else’s needs in front of your own?
  • Do you know how to resolve confrontation where everyone gets their needs met in the end?
  • Do you embrace confrontation knowing that it can be a process that bonds people together as a means to get everyone’s needs met?

If you answered yes to 2 or less of these questions, you have some personal power-building work to do. Keep reading to learn more.
If you answered yes to 3 to 5 of these questions, you have some decent personal power skills. Personal power-building work would still benefit you greatly. Keep reading to learn more.
If you answered yes to 6 or more of these questions, you have solid personal power and have done good work in building your power in healthy ways. Keep reading to learn more so you can have enough extra power to create an unstoppable life.

Take this quick quiz to find out if you have enough energy.

  • Do you get your daily needs for survival met? (food, shelter, water, clothes, preparing healthy food, health insurance, etc)
  • Are you able to heal your body of any nagging, acute, or chronic health concerns? (This includes supplements, wellness support, proper foods, personal chef, nutritional counseling, herbal consultants, testing, consults with practitioners, body work, healing work, etc.)
  • Do you save money for the future?
  • Do you go on vacations, play, have fun, and enjoy yourself on a regular basis?
  • Do you take daily actions towards your long-terms goals and dreams that you are confident you will reach?
  • Do you have the ability to exercise on a regular basis to keep your mind and body growing stronger and stronger?
  • Do you have even keel energy levels all day long without the use of stimulants like coffee, tea, herbs, yerba mate, chocolate, sugar, etc.
  • Do you sleep easily and deeply while waking rested and restored?

If you answered yes to 2 or less of these questions, you have some energy level-building work to do. Keep reading to learn more.
If you answered yes to 3 to 5 of these questions, you have some decent energy levels. Building more energy reserves would benefit you greatly. Keep reading to learn more.
If you answered yes to 6 or more of these questions, you have solid energy levels and have done good work in building them in healthy ways. Keep reading to learn more so you can increase your energy levels even more to create an unstoppable life.

Now that you have an idea of where you are power and energy-wise, I want you to consider where your energy and power is leaking from your life.

Let’s get an idea of where you are letting your power and energy slip away.

The most common power leaks start from not knowing what you want***. Learning to tap into your desires, dreams, hopes, and wants will create the basis for building power. Knowing yourself – who you really are – and honoring your unique desires will create a the foundation for co-creating an amazing life with other people in your life.

***Note: Distinguish needs from wants. In order to consistently build power you must actively make sure your basic needs are handled. Some people try to skip the basic needs and move ahead to the wants. Make sure you have health insurance, healthy food, clothes that fit and make you feel good, access to money, and a safe, comfortable living environment.

Once you know what you want you now need to learn how to get it. Getting what you want means cultivating clarity, focus, and energy. Building power becomes a daily practice. Building power means having your thoughts and actions fully aligned. Integrity, intention, and will are all at the heart of cultivating power.

Some of the most common PERSONAL POWER leaks are as follows:

  • Not asking for what you want.
  • Putting other people’s needs in front of your own.
  • Viewing your needs as less important than others.
  • Not taking 100% responsibility for every single one of your actions.
  • Having an emotion that rules you such as fear, anger, sadness, regret, disappointment, humiliation, embarrassment, shame, rage, or guilt.
  • Being afraid of one of these emotions (in yourself or in others) so intently that you will do anything to avoid it.
  • Giving up control of your own actions though cravings, addictions, and unhealthy relationships.
  • Treating situations as if they are happening TO you instead of FOR you.
  • Blaming things on other people or circumstances.

Some of the most common ENERGY leaks are as follows:

  • Not getting enough deep, restful, proper sleep.
  • Eating things that lowers your energy levels such as foods you are allergic to, calorie-rich nutrient-weak. foods, bad food combinations, industrialized, chemicalized, processed, and artificial ingredients.
  • Not eating nutrient-dense foods, good fats, lots of veggies, and herbs that heal your body.
  • Not getting enough body movement that helps you express your utter and extreme joy for the miracle that you have a human body.
  • Relying on caffeine, stimulants, alcohol, sugar, and other addictions to control your moods and energy levels.

Let’s pinpoint your energy and power leaks and create a strategy to fix it. I call these power moves. In order to do that you can work with me privately or join one of my group programs and raise your hand during the group calls and ask me about where you’re stuck. I will help get to the bottom of it with you quickly so we can figure out the best use of your precious energy so you can build even more.

The benefits of cultivating power and energy for me personally have been profound. I think back to myself as a little kid throwing temper tantrums, allergic to gluten without even realizing it, eating sugar to numb the pain, struggling immensely as a teenager and turning to drugs as the solution, being completely broke and house-sitting and couch surfing to get by, feeling hopelessness and impending doom most of the time.

I started cultivating my personal power and energy by noticing which foods made me feel weak and tired. I kept eliminating those foods. I developed sensitivity and awareness about which foods built energy and sapped energy by doing cleanses two to four times per year. Cleansing also helped deepen my awareness of the emotions I was stuffing down and not dealing with. These emotions were keeping me sick and sapping my energy.

I wrote down endless lists of goals and dreams filling up notebooks with my intentions and desires. I stayed true to my heart and let my inner voice guide me. I started with easy interactions where I worked to maintain eye contact with those around me. This was the beginning of me building my personal power.

I started eating only foods that built my energy levels. I worked diligently to heal my body of every single health concern that plagued me. This meant that I was able to increase my energy levels even more. I started learning how to move my body in ways that feel amazing versus ‘exercising’. I listened to my body and added more and more activities slowly to prevent injury.

In my personal relationships I didn’t settle. I frustrated the hell out of my exes because I was so headstrong and stubborn. But I was learning how to get what I wanted in the best way possible. Before some of these relationships I had nearly given up on believing that it was possible for me to have what I wanted. I believed I had to fight and work hard to deserve anything I asked for. I felt as though I had to earn every single thing in my life…including love.

Over time I’ve diligently and intentionally taken one step at a time towards my dreams and goals.

For many many years it felt as though I was trudging through mud. It took all of my energy every single day just to pull that boot up out of the sticky suctioning mud and take one more step. Knowing that the next step was right back in the mud.

For decades I didn’t even know where those steps would lead me because for miles and miles all I could see was brown, sticky mud.

It takes all of your energy and personal power to go against the hard worn patterns of self sabotage. It takes all of your energy to not feel bad about yourself for messing up all the time. It takes all of your energy and personal power to set the course of your life and point it in exactly the direction you want to go. It takes all of your energy to heal. It takes all of your energy to manifest your dreams. It takes all of your energy and personal power to make your life fully yours.

So now do you see why energy and power are so crucial?

Let me share with you some of my favorite strategies and resources for building energy and personal power:

Read (or re-read) the book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz   http://amzn.to/1Bp0QFZ

Read the book, Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim   http://amzn.to/1Cg6sYz

Do a cleanse. I recommend my program, The Probiotic Power Cleansehttp://www.probioticpowercleanse.com/  Sign up now for the one that starts soon!

Do my program, Gut Rebuilding  http://www.gutrebuilding.com/ to maximize your energy levels, detox your emotions, and create a thriving body and unstoppable life.

Remember, the first step is to get clear about what you want. Start writing. Create brainstorms, lists, journals, talk sessions with friends, drawings, visions boards – open up that part of yourself that dreams and desires.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Herman Hesse about the interconnection between goals and fasting and cleansing.

“When you throw a stone into the water, it finds the quickest way to the bottom of the water. It is the same when Siddhartha has an aim, a goal. Siddhartha does nothing; he waits, he thinks, he fasts, but he goes through the affairs of the world like the stone through the water, without doing anything, without bestirring himself; he is drawn and lets himself fall. He is drawn by his goal, for he does not allow anything to enter his mind which opposes his goal. This is what Siddhartha learned from the Samanas. It is what fools call magic and what they think is caused by demons. Everything can perform magic, everyone can reach his goal if he can think, wait and fast.”

Join me for The Probiotic Power Cleanse to reach your goals for everything in life.

GUTS & GLORY: How to take care of your allergies in the Winter to prevent them in the Spring

Allergies suck.


I know because I suffered from them for years.


As soon as the yellow dust started drifting through the air my eyes puffed up, my nose started running, and my sleep was affected.


Oregon logging trails

A photo posted by Summer Bock (@fermentationist) on

No matter which side I slept on one nostril would fill up while the other nostril would drain, which kept me waking up and stuffing tissues into my brain to try and get some rest.


When it got really bad I would start getting allergic to my cat. It was so sad. She’d rub her body across my face and my eyes would get even more blood shot. Never before in my life had I been allergic to my cats.


What’s crazy about allergies is the additional trauma they cause to the body.




That’s the dirtiest word in my industry when it comes to disease and aging. And it is best friends with allergies!


What does your body do to shut down a histamine (allergic) response?




It’s your body’s way of making sure you don’t drown in the mucus. It shrinks blood vessels and reduces inflammation. Over time these shots of adrenaline lead to adrenal fatigue and eventually burn out.


Like everyone else, I used to think that you couldn’t get rid of allergies.


And one day it dawned on me that allergies can’t be normal. How could I be allergic to the world I was born into?


On that day I decided to cure myself of allergies because I knew that I wasn’t supposed to have them.


So I set out to do anything I could do heal them.


And guess what? It worked!!!


I no longer suffer from or struggle with environmental allergies. 
I want this for you, too.


The first step is to cleanse.


But the most important thing you can do is to cleanse.


Take care of your allergies in the Winter to prevent them in the Spring. [tweet this]


No one realizes this, but it’s true.


Many people talk about bee pollen and eating local honey. I don’t agree. Most people with allergies have Candida and Candida loves sugar. So eating honey will feed the Candida and make your allergies worse. Don’t do it.


Instead, sign up for a cleanse now to get the inflammation down, clean out your gut of bad bacteria and yeasts like Candida and get your immune system to calm the f***down so you don’t react to every little thing out there!


Conveniently, I’m running the Probiotic Power Cleanse on February 16th for 2 weeks to give you all the tools you need to get your body in shape to prevent allergies this year. Learn how to do it! And the cleanse is just the first step. But it’s an easy step! And you can do it because I’ll show you exactly what to do step by step to make it fun, comfortable, painless, and easy.


Check it out here. Click here to watch.


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Guts & Glory – What’s Lurking in your Cabinets? with Lara Adler


What’s lurking in your cabinets? Only you can tell. (Or can you? Those companies work hard to hide things.)


This week I want you to come with me on a tour of my new house as my friend and colleague Lara Adler, environmental toxins expert (and self-proclaimed super nerd) give you a different kind of house tour.


I know a lot about toxins and the impact they have on the body and the environment, and I knew that dryer sheets rank high up there on the ick-factor. But I also love to rub my face in soft towels. A lot.


I have to say that getting the facts about dryer sheets from Lara blew my mind. But my girl wouldn’t just leave me hanging with crunchy towels. . . she’s got solutions for everything.


We also answer the question that we get a lot during this conversation about toxic chemicals: “If these things are really so bad, why isn’t everyone in the hospital right now?”


The truth is that there are simpler, healthier, and less expensive ways to clean your house, your clothes, and your body. They still smell purdy and they work just as well! But more importantly than price or a lovely aroma, I want you to understand the impact toxins have on your short term and long term health. (You’ll see me sneeze several times just from going through the cabinets!)


Your house is your sanctuary—check out the video for valuable lessons about products that could be keeping you sick. (Oh, and false marketing, anyone? We hit that point, too)


After the toxins tour with Lara, I cleared out the worst of the offenders. I have to say it’s helped me feel remarkably more peaceful! She’s got more where that came from. Check out http://bit.ly/1ygGmly for more tips about environmental toxins. This woman knows her sh*t!

I went and researched the sites she recommended and these are the best products I found to start replacing the chemicals.

These awesome products are easily accessible from Amazon: Simple Green Naturals Floor Cleaner, Eco-Me Natural Sudsing Liquid Dish Soap, Seventh Generation Auto Dish Pacs, Seventh Generation Fabric Softener, & Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Also, here is an amazing chemical-free product Lara recommended offline by Vital Image: Face & Body Wash.


Cleansing has two parts—reducing external toxins AND getting rid of what’s already accumulated inside your body. If you want more information on how to cleanse to get bountiful energy, sign up for my livetream here: www.probioticpowercleanse.com Livestream


Okay, now your turn! I would love to hear what’s in your cabinets. Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for watching and sharing this with people you care about!


GUTS & GLORY: Activation Products with Ian Clark

Some of us are willing to try many things to get that body and to live longer and have a better time while we’re here. We eat certain foods, avoid others, take supplements…And it can be mixed results for many of us. Here’s why—there’s an important distinction that I want to make about building the body up versus killing off disease.


It’s about creating an environment where disease can’t hang out. (When I went this route, it changed everything.)


Because things like Candida that are causing the health problems? They’re present in the body for a reason. You can’t just kill em off. Won’t work.


So what will? It involves creating a healthy body where disease can’t exist.


Before that it was a fight, a constant fight. When you’re fighting your body or you’re fighting anything living in your body, it’s going to fight back—that’s just what fighting is!

Check out this special two-part interview with Ian Clark where we talk about the biggest mistakes we made in this realm.




Ian Clark is the founder of Activation Products, a company which I’m a big fan. We talked about his personal journey going from being given 2 years to live (and facing massive pharmaceuticals and surgeries) based on his other family members dying before 50–to thriving and running a booming business ten years later.


When the doctors told Ian that his fate was sealed due to his genes, he rejected the idea that genetic predisposition was something he couldn’t do anything about.


He chose to believe he could do something about it. He had nothing to lose.


In the interview we talk about Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton and how for the last 8 years it’s flown off the shelf. (That product became the reason why he called his company Activation Products. “Every time I took it when I first started taking it, it activated something very deep inside that wanted me to get way more healthy,” says Ian.)


We also talked about Activation’s raw pumpkin oil (future product), cumin oil, and coriander oil, and how they give you more power than you’ve ever had before as far as endurance and stamina.

Coriander oil is especially important to those interested in gut health—it played a crucial role in helping to rid Andreas (the person responsible for fresh pressing these oils!) of his Chrone’s disease.


Check out the video above and listen in on our conversation about how we went from being sick to our highest functioning selves.


There’s also a transcript for you to read if you’d rather read the interviews: Ian-Clark-on-2014

How to use this information for your health:

Check out Ian Clark’s products to boost alkalinity, remineralize your body, and rebuild your gut. Pour the 5-Seed Blend into your smoothies, use the black cumin seed oil for parasites and Candida, and use the Magnesium spray to quickly absorb minerals for reducing muscle pain and easing constipation.


If you’re a wellness practitioner:

You need to know about these products because they are highly effective in taking your clients’ health to the next level. For example, the coriander oil is incredibly effective at ending Candida and the 5-Seed Blend will help boost your clients’ nutrient levels, support skin and brain health with omega fatty acids, and energize organ function.


Go check out his website and peruse the products he’s formulated to learn more about a high quality product that you can use to help your clients get better results.

Are you exercising too much?

I’ve changed my mind about my relationship to exercise and weight in the last few months.

I used to think that I had to work out like cray-cray to lose weight.

I never thought I would count calories. (After all, I’m a holistic health coach!)

I believed that wanting to lose 10 pounds was just a bunch of mainstream media hooey.

I thought that exercising for 90 minutes was a surefire way to lose weight.

When it came down to it, I wanted my outside to match my insides. I wanted to be fit and ready for any adventure that came my way.

So I had to rethink everything and this included taking a long hard look at some of my old beliefs.

Watch this new video to learn how I lost 10 pounds by exercising LESS.

I gathered valuable information about what my body actually needed and learned a new approach to exercise that I want to share with you.

The biggest thing I realized was that it wasn’t just about losing weight. It was about feeling like a super-ninja-spy in my body. . .

It was about being able to play harder—doing more enjoyable things like rock climbing and swimming in the ocean.

Have you signed up for the free webinar training yet? I’m going to lay out all the easy ways you can get more energy through Gut Rebuilding.

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One of my favorite wellness gurus has a new book! I have personally spent time with this expert and can attest that he walks the talk. I can’t wait for you to learn what he is teaching in the upcoming book. Check it out here:

FREE Book – The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr. Alan Christianson
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What cleansing did for me (and what it can do for you)

IMG_3503I used to obsessively crave food until I learned how to cleanse when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t start out perfect. I practiced and practiced, getting better all the time. Getting better meant that instead of craving and binging I now can be comfortable with what I’m eating without intense cravings. I know that the cravings are temporary.

Cleansing has made my day-to-day life better. When I’m not cleansing I listen deeply to my body and honor the messages I hear so I don’t swing the pendulum anymore and don’t develop intense overwhelming cravings. I also am getting the nutrients I need through my food and supplements, which lowers cravings as well.

My hypoglycemia has healed through my cleanses. I used to crash like crazy and felt like I had to eat every few hours just to keep from getting jittery and low blood sugar. One day I went out to jump on the trampoline and came back inside a total wreck. My blood sugar crashed so hard that I thought I needed to go to the hospital. I thought something was seriously wrong with me as I felt the ground slip out beneath me and I crumpled to the floor. I couldn’t use my arms or legs. My heart beat fast and sweat covered my cold body. I drank some orange juice, which helped, and the awful feeling eventually passed, but this was my first experience with low blood sugar and it actually scared me so badly that after that I was terrified to let it happen again. I refused to go for more than 3 hours without eating and over time became more and more obsessed with my next meal.

This affected my ability to function normally, go on hikes, and participate with people in normal events because I was so scared that something would happen to me when I was too far away to get the help I needed. This fear was irrational, but was exacerbated by hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia made it nearly impossible to enjoy cleansing. I always thought about food and was always concerned about the crash. I never felt full on a cleanse no matter what I tried.

Once my hypoglycemia was healed (more on that in the future) I was able to comfortably and happily cleanse. It also helped me lose weight around my belly.

Another great benefit of cleansing was boosting my immune system. I have theorized that the common cold is really just a microbial toxic overload and the mucus and snot are just the superhighway for toxin elimination. When I started looking at the common cold as just that things really started to shift.

And since then, I rarely get sick. If I feel it coming on, I know exactly what to do to get un-sick quick.

IMG_2325Cleansing helped me break my food addictions. From sugar to gluten. Dairy to puffed cereals. From ice cream to pizza. I was so addicted to foods. I used them to calm down the intense emotions I (still) feel. I used food to ground me. I used food to procrastinate. I used food to comfort me. I used food to feel better. I used food to keep me awake.

Food is fuel. It can be pleasure, but at the core, it is nourishment. It is not a hug. It is not love. It does not fill empty holes inside of me.

Cleansing helped me find those holes and keep them empty long enough to see what was really needed to fill them. I stopped filling them with food.

My digestion used to suck. Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, cravings, upset stomach, heartburn, etc. My belly used to hurt so much that I just got used to the tight knot in my solar plexus.

Cleansing helped me figure out my digestion.

It also helped me deepen my awareness of my body.

I always struggled with emotional eating. I still do sometimes, but it is way less of a problem than ever before. Cleansing helped me see clearly that my emotional eating patterns were exacerbated by certain foods. I learned which foods boosted me up and which ones sent me into emotional eating tornadoes.

I also learned that by rebuilding my gut I was able to boost my overall energy and moods. Cleansing is one of the hands-down best ways to rebuild the gut. You can’t keep cleansing forever – you may end up getting too depleted – but you can alternate cleansing and gut rebuilding.

Cleansing is the cornerstone to health. Animals know how to fast and use this to heal. Humans have this ability, too. But most people are too terrified to go without food for a day. My dream for you is to be able to go for 1-2 days on a water fast and be fine. Doing short water fasts can be one of the best ways to stave off illness, increase energy levels, detox the body, and ward off chronic illness. I want you to heal your body to the point that this is a tool in your toolkit to prevent and reset your body – whenever you need it.

This is what is possible when you cleanse regularly and master the art of cleansing. You don’t get sick. You stay strong. You sleep deeply. You feel amazing and know how to respond when you don’t. You are flexible. Your digestion is awesome. Your mental clarity is on point. You enjoy cleansing. Cravings don’t rule your food choices. You break your food addictions.

But more than absolutely anything, I want you to know what it is like to just enjoy your life. I want you to know what it is like to not be sick and not have to make excuses for why you can’t go out and start having a blast. I want you to discover what you are passionate about and go do it. When you are sick for decades you start to give up on your dreams. Survival becomes more important than long term goals. When you are chronically sick you get to a point where you no longer know what moves you, what drives you, what makes you tick – because all your energy has to be spent on getting through the day.

Once you get better you have a whole new dilemma. And I’m in the middle of it right now. Learning what I love to do. Learning what makes me happy. Learning what makes my skin tingle and hairs stand up on end. But I welcome these new challenges.

I have no excuses anymore for not being able to follow my dreams. It used to be my health and my finances. I spent more than a decade trudging through mud everyday picking up one leg out of that muck – using all my energy just to take one step. I couldn’t even see the other side of that swamp. All I knew is that I had to keep moving. Everyday. One step. Decisive.

(The interesting thing is that when my health improved, so did my financial situation because I wasn’t distracted, unfocused, foggy-headed, and ill.)

It was the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. It took pure grit and pure determination.

And now that I’ve made it to the shore. Rinsed off all the mud. I’ve fallen in love with going fast. Mountain biking. Running. Skiing. Cycling. Racing Go-Carts. Motorcycles.

IMG_2271Because I don’t want to go slow anymore. It took all the energy I had at the time to get through it. And now I’m spending my energy learning how to create more.

I’m having more fun than ever before.

And I cared about none of this before. All I cared about was getting better. But now that I’m better a whole new world has opened up. I want to meet you there.

I want to show you everything I know about healing your body

The Probiotic Power Cleanse is coming up in November. It’s the first step towards getting healthy. It’s a step I recommend that you (and every single person) consistently take. Learning to cleanse is a must. This is a tool you will want to always have in your tool belt. You can take it with you wherever you go. If you are interested in learning more, check it out.