Decrease Your Risk of Obesity and Diabetes Through Simple Gut Health Strategies

I’m really on fire about this topic.

In a recent study published in the journal, Nature, there was an amazing discovery about intestinal flora that can either make you susceptible to Type 2 diabetes, extra weight, inflammation, obesity, and arthritis OR NOT. Watch this week’s video to learn how to avoid these national epidemics (1 in 3 people will have diabetes by 2050 with the current trends).

This info will save your life (or at least extend it).

Watch this week’s video to learn more and comment below!!!

The Flu: A crash course in listening to my body

I am a firm believer that in order to heal you must listen to your body and honor the messages you hear.

When my body was all filled with Candida and other dysbiotics (the opposite of probiotics) I struggled to hear the messages my body was giving me. It was like being at a concert and trying to have a conversation with your best buddy over the crowd screaming, the music blaring, and the bad acoustics of an arena.

There are 10 times more bacterial cells in our body than human cells – most of which live in the gut. Micro-organisms communicate to our brain through the brain-gut axis using chemicals. So when all they want is sugar, but my body wants something with more nutrition – the majority won…over and over again.

This is why I had to heal my gut before I could even start to hear the messages from my body. They started out as little whispers and over time because clearer, louder, and easier to understand.

Last month I caught the flu that was going around in my town. It hit me fast and hard, right when my Dad showed up to visit for the first time in 7 years. No way was I going to be sick.

So I pulled out all my herbalist training skills and kicked my fever in less than 48 hours. I never got the sore throat, cough, and upper respiratory infection that everyone developed. It was AWESOME! Even though I got hit with the hottest fever of my life, I felt like a superhero to get through it like this. (If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that this is a far cry from how it used to be).

This week’s episode of Fermentation Station includes:

The home remedy I used to stave off sore throats that works EVERY TIME.

The treatment that helped me break my fever in just a few hours. Here’s the link to the exact steps:

The awesome messages I received from the intense pain and symptoms of the flu were mind bogglingly insightful. They have informed my decisions and actions since I got sick.

I also share what I did to fast safely and easily to dramatically speed up the healing process.
I hope you enjoy this info and can learn from my experience and insight!

Please leave a comment below to let me know if you ever experience insight during illness and injury?

The Science Behind Sauerkraut

I just created a super cool tutorial for you!

It’s called The Science Behind Sauerkraut – A white-board lecture that you can watch AND listen to.

Watch this to learn: 

  • What are the main probiotics in sauerkraut?
  • How to make sauerkraut at home to get the right kinds of probiotics to rebuild your gut naturally.
  • My top tricks for making it fail-proof and safe for your family to eat!
  • The health benefits of raw unpasteurized sauerkraut.

Part 1 – The Science Behind Sauerkraut 


We tried to get this up last weekend and technology got the better of us. So here is Part 2, as promised, available for the next 48 hours. Part 1 will be extended until this evening after which, we will make it available as a product on our website.
It’s called Making Fermented Veggies - A demonstration of me making sauerkraut with all my tips and tricks of the trade.

Share it with anyone you like and watch it soon. For the next two days this online tutorial will be available for free.

Check it out to learn: 

  • What are the best ways to make sauerkraut fail-proof.
  • How to chop and tamp the cabbage to make the best kraut. 
  • What kinds of salt to use for best results. 

Part 2 – Making Fermented Veggies 


PS – After teaching this class to over a thousand people in the past few years I have perfected it and made it into an online tutorial for you to learn with and enjoy! Check it out!

PPS – For $28 you can upgrade to get the videos, all the handouts with exact recipes, veggies, measurements, fermentation log, and more. Check that out here.

PPPS – I created a Part 3 because I found some mold and want to show you what to do if this happens to you! 

Making Fermented Veggies at Home (Virtual Workshop)


A Special Announcement:


The class that I could teach in my sleep while standing on my head. The class that has a thousand and nine people saying, “Wow!”


For the first time ever this workshop is available to you virtually. For the past many years you would have to come see me live and in-person to get access to this information. Not anymore…


I absolutely love teaching!!! And I especially love teaching this workshop (I’ve taught it for years and years!) My favorite part is that I teach the science of sauerkraut AND do a demo so you can confidently make safe, edible kraut that is super delicious! Pretty cool, right? Don’t you want to learn which probiotics make sauerkraut so special?


When you join me for this class, you can learn to make your own probiotics at home:


Making Fermented Veggies will be broadcasting from Gut Rebuilding Headquarters

This class is over…we had over 500 participants. To purchase the recordings, go here:


In this exclusive virtual workshop, I will teach you how to make delicious raw sauerkraut that is filled with probiotics. These beneficial bacteria are known to support your digestion, end constipation, decrease sugar cravings, and boost your vitality. You will learn my secrets and tricks of the trade for how we create the most amazing recipes at my gourmet sauerkraut company, OlyKraut. You will get access to recipes and instructional handouts. This is a GA/PS and food allergy-friendly event.

There are 2 parts to this workshop -

1. A white-board lecture that you can watch AND listen to.

2. A video demonstration where I show you exactly HOW I make delicious sauerkraut!

You will learn: 

  • The science behind the sauerkraut – which probiotics are helping you get healthy!
  • The exact steps to make sauerkraut come out crunchy and safe every time.
  • How to avoid mold and other contaminants.
  • The health benefits of this amazing ferment.

You will receive: 

  1. Access to the 2 videos (1. The science behind sauerkraut & 2. How-to make fermented veggies at home) starting at noon on Friday and all day Saturday.

You can upgrade to receive:

  1. Permanent access to the videos.
  2. Downloadable handouts with recipes and step-by-step instructions – including insider tricks of the trade.


This class is over…we had over 500 participants. To purchase the recordings, go here:

This is what past participants have said about the workshop:


What a great class! Engaging, informative, fun, ad eminently applicable. I’m walking away with tons of knowledge, excited to put it to use. Summer knew her stuff, kept the class moving, and got us all excited about the benefits of fermentation. Highly recommend! (Also: well done keeping the mouthy lady in the front row in check! Much appreciated) – Angela, Portland

Awesome workshop! I will sign up for a future workshop and bring my partner or as a gift for someone. Summer is a great speaker and made this a fun group experience. I’m totally going to try and make some kraut and experiment with some funky combos of herbs and spices! – Graham, Portland


I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived and was very pleased with the class. Summer was very pleasant, entertaining, and informative! I really enjoyed the class and learning from her. – Jennifer, Portland


I honestly had no idea making sauerkraut was so simple. I feel very inspired and pumped up to try and make it myself. Thanks for the great basic start-up knowledge. You make it less intimidating. – Laura, Portland

Check out what more participants have had to say about the Making Fermented Veggies Class:

This was an incredible workshop – packed with new information at a good clip with an incredible sense of humor and down to earth spirit. Summer is an inspiration for all to get in touch with ourselves to let our bodies help heal us. Her personal anecdotes and lively presentation made fermentation the process and product very exciting! I can’t wait to start! – Britta, Portland


Learning to make kraut with Summer was simple, informative, and delicious. She brings her years of experience and explains fermentation in a way that is easy to understand. – Sarah Utter, Olympia


My gut has struggled with constipation, so probiotics have become a way of life for me. But the natural fermented food still need to be daily food for me. These are new habits I must incorporate in my life. – Linda, Federal Way


LOVED the science behind it all. Seeing the process start to finish was priceless – especially since we’ve tried and failed in the past. – Dina McBride, Portland

How I Get So Much S*** Done (Part II)


I moved back to Olympia for the summer. I’m just settling in. Vacation is over, I’m busy planning the Fermentationist Live Retreat that is coming up, and I’ve taken up a new sport: Rollerblading!

Last week I got up and went rollerblading in the morning, ate breakfast, and didn’t complete my sacred morning activities and self-care regime — until noon! This is crazy! I need to redo my self-care master plan so I can start work earlier. To make this possible I need to start getting up at 6 or 7am- for a night owl like me that’s gonna be HARD! Wah! Ok, I’m done whining because I’ve known for a few years now that the habit that is holding me back the most is going to bed late and sleeping in.

Something will have to shift in my schedule in order to do this. So to the drawing board!

Here’s how I approach it.

There are three parts to scheduling your life: a big scheduling shift, complete chaos, and settling into a new schedule.

Big Scheduling Shift: I moved to Olympia. I drive to Portland now once a week to teach and for meetings.

Complete Chaos: I separated my rib on vacation and it takes 6 weeks to heal. I’m on week 3 and lost about a week of sleep so far…arg.

Settling Into a New Schedule: That starts today. Something has to give. I’m updating my handy dandy Self-Care Masterplan.

My main reward for getting up early is rollerblading. It’s fun and makes me feel good. Everyday that I get up and go rollerblading I scream at the top of my lungs (while flying down the street) “This is awesome! I love moving my body! This feels good!”

By focusing on what feels good about it and not trying to have any other agenda, this has become one of my favorite physical activities.

This is a far cry from my days playing basketball, softball, rowing on crew in college, and marching in the band in high-school. I’m a recovering female athlete and have a lot of messaging and un-training to do in order to learn how to enjoy physical movement and not have it be filled with stress and obligation and other people’s expectations. More on this later…

Since I want to wake up early this means I need to get to bed early. Therefore, my entire schedule needs to shift. I’d like to get into bed at 9pm. This sounds very difficult. Some days when I’m teaching this won’t happen, but the rest of the week this is totally doable.

I’ll probably want to get some sort of physical activity in after dinner.

I like to eat dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime, which means dinner at 6pm. (Eating dinner too close to bedtime isn’t good for digestive health. It can cause acid reflux and backlogs the liver. Instead of doing its nighttime janitorial rounds, it is busy digesting. This is no good. I like to let the liver clean up so dinner is at 6pm now).

As you can see I’m working backwards here. It’s often easier than starting out at the beginning of the day.

Now that the main framework is established, I’m going to add in any standing events, meetings, classes, etc.

Now I can set my workday hours. I tend to block my time. For example, Wednesdays are my writing day. It’s pretty great to batch things together because it saves time. I read about this in The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

If you are only a few months into a new pattern or habit that is working for you a big scheduling change has the most potential to completely derail all the hard work, the wonderful benefits, and the good life you have created for yourself.

Big scheduling changes can increase stress because it you are a busy action-packed person, it only takes a few changes to start squishing out other priorities. And if you are anything like me, you respond to other people’s needs first when things get busy.

So it’s no surprise that your daily self-care items have slipped.

If you are an entrepreneur, I highly recommend that you take 2 days off in a row per week. You need time to decompress, chill, lay in the grass, get worn out through physical activity, get a massage, whatever. I wanted to write ‘do nothing’ but I think it is better to say ‘stare at the grass’ or walk slowly in one direction without a destination’ you know, something different to give you a break from your ever-planning, constantly thinking mind.

I personally think that everyone should have a day a week where they ‘unplug’ or ‘power-down’. This helps relax the nervous system, which relieves the endocrine system, which helps balance hormones, which supports your stress to reduce dramatically. This means your phone, too. If you struggle with this idea, drive out to a national park and take a 4-hour hike where there is no cell-phone reception. Talk to me about the surge in your creativity levels after practicing this regularly.

Another helpful thing to schedule in is a ‘schedule-less day’. I know it sounds impossible if you have to schedule it in, but here’s the deal. When you have a day filled with spontaneity and the ability to follow your desires you will stay connected to the quiet subtle voices and urges that keep you rooted in the feminine energy. In a world overrun by masculine energy, this alone can become a powerful self-care practice no matter what your gender. Imagine waking up and getting out of bed once a week when you feel like it. Constantly asking yourself, “What is the thing I most want to do right now?” Whatever the answer is, do that! Give yourself gratitude for listening and honoring. Be gentle, soft, and quiet enough to hear what it is you want.

NOTE: If you have a family or partner, you can still do this day with others. Explain what you are doing to all involved to get them excited and on board to try something new and possibly exciting. Maybe this is the day where each person takes turns having a say in what the next activity is and everyone supports that idea to fruition. You can split up the day equally between people. Or if a relationship has certain built-in imbalances due to work life, society, or oppression use that day to support the person who rarely gets the chance to take leadership in your family – yes, this can be a two year old, grandparent, or the person in your household who spends the most time raising the kids. This can coincide with your ‘power-down’ day if you want.

Some key things you want to schedule for continual self-care: your physical activities, going to your therapist, massage, pedicure, haircuts, dinners with friends, chatting on the phone, whatever you do that makes you happy.

So, when you’re feeling the chaos, this is a perfect time to pull out your handy dandy Self-Care Masterplan, which I taught you how to make here. When you look at it you’ll likely see that some big things have changed, which will explain the feeling of chaos. Get through the chaos by updating your Self-Care Masterplan so it fits your new schedule.

Once the chaos subsides, you’ll be so happy you took the time to figure out where your time was going so you could carve out that precious time to meditate and get more physical activity in. Updating your Self-Care Masterplan regularly is how you stick with your habits that serve you and not backslide into old patterns from the past.

Be sure to check out Gut Rebuilding to get my support and guidance as you create your very own self-care masterplan. It’s principle number 8! A most uncommon approach to healing the gut.

On another note, a couple weeks ago I led a training. Over 150 people attended this class so I decided to do it again. 

It’s called, The Gut Factor. It will teach you everything you need to know about current trends in digestive health, fermented foods, and the gut microbiome. This will give you insight on how to heal you or your families gut health issues.

Register to attend the encore presentation of The Gut Factor coming up this Monday at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific.

See you there!!!


Vacation Attitude

My OlyKraut employee, Nate, has a tattoo that says, VA, which stands for “Vacation Attitude.” I love this tattoo. I just got back from vacation and I have to say it was one of the best. Here is me on one of my first attempts at wake surfing.

Even though I’ve proven nothing with this video, I actually did really well and got up on my third try and stayed up for quite awhile!

Something I realized while I was away was that there is a big difference between vacations and trips. As you have likely noticed, I travel a lot. I take many kinds of trips: business, conference, teaching, family, friends, and sometimes a combination of the above.

But what I realized is that somehow I was tricking myself into believing that these trips were all somehow a vacation…until this last one.


Because this last one was a TRUE VACATION.

It was my kind of vacation. Everyday we went out on the boat and did major physical activity before breakfast, after lunch and directly after dinner. I learned how to wake surf and almost learned how to slalom ski. We went hiking, river rafting twice, swimming, paddle boarding, high jumping, and fishing.

Every since I was little I’ve been terrified of water skiing. I had a horrible experience. But this trip, I kept pushing through my fear and learned two new skills!!!

We ate every meal together (all 7 of us). And I ate so healthy – no sugar, chocolate, or alcohol to speak of that I felt amazing!

Every day I would tell myself that I was going to check my email and get caught up on things. But when it came down to it, I was so physically exhausted from the activity that I couldn’t even bear to open my computer. For days.

This went on and after a few days I was so happy, relaxed, and clear. My whole attitude changed. I was on vacation attitude.

After a few days of this craziness I was READY to get back to work. I was sore, worn out, and deliciously content in my strong, fearless body.

As I’ve gotten smarter about my body and my physical needs I’ve started likening myself to a dog. I need to be ‘run’ everyday or else I start getting neurotic and chewing on the furniture. And how this plays out is that I start picking little fights here and there, stressing about unimportant things, taking too long to write emails, and over analyzing everything instead of trusting myself.

And now that I’m back at work this week, I’m so productive and excited. Things are flowing with ease and many opportunities are landing in my lap because I actually have the bandwidth to see them for what they are!

This vacation was the best thing I’ve done in a long while. I learned the template for my real vacations. Major physical activity and healthy food (and cuddling) are at the core of my vacations. The rest are trips…

What is your kind of vacation that leaves you feeling fully refreshed and ready to get back to work? Tell me in the comments below.

Vacation attitude,







PS – Did you catch last week’s training? It’s called The Gut Factor: What Health Coaches, Massage Therapists, and Personal Chefs Need to Know About Chronic Digestive Issues. We’ve gotten some really great feedback about the training since it was released. I highly recommend you to check it out – whether you are a practitioner or not. If you have a digestive system (skip to the last half to get right to the fermentation part), you’ll enjoy learning more about how to support it – especially since it is the foundation of your health.


PPS –  Check out last week’s blog post on Busting the Myths Around Kombucha below. You’ll learn whether there are actually probiotics present in this wonder beverage or not!!!

Busting the myths around Kombucha

Who should drink it and who should not?

KombuchaSource: via Carole on Pinterest

Kombucha is sometimes referred to as the “Ancient elixir”.  This fermented yeast enzyme tea originated in China 2000 years ago, where it was passed down through families as a celebrated ‘heirloom’! Kombucha made its way to India and Russia via trade and travelers gaining a reputation of performing miracles.  Now, Kombucha is known throughout the world, but is it truly the “miracle elixir” that can be drunk by everyone? Or are there circumstances where Kombucha should be avoided?


Myth: Kombucha is a healthy drink for everyone.

I do not recommend kombucha for everyone. In the past, Kombucha brought expansiveness to what was a simple acidic diet consisting of starchy vegetables, meat and not much sugar. Kombucha, being alkalizing, was helpful in creating balance. And with balance, there is health.  However, with our cultures current diet, kombucha is no longer providing this balance.  Kombucha is made of three things that are already very prominent in our society: alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. For anyone with issues around these ingredients, Kombucha should be avoided. Because of Kombucha’s effect on the nervous system, it can be really challenging for alcoholics, caffeine addicts, those with Candida, ADD/ADHD, or even just highly sensitive people. I believe kombucha should be avoided in these circumstances.


Myth: The fermentation process breaks down the caffeine and all of the remnants of sugar in Kombucha.

Yeasts do not break down caffeine.  Caffeine is an alkaloid, where as yeasts metabolize sugar. This does lower the “sugar” content of your beverage, but you are still drinking the byproducts of the yeast ferment. These byproducts provide a home where Candida and other pathogenic yeasts can thrive. Like many microorganisms, yeast inhibits the growth of other organisms and promotes the growth of their own. These sugar byproducts would not pose a problem in the absence of high yeast levels in the body. Also, there are other ways to decrease caffeine levels in your tea.


Myth: Kombucha provides no benefits.

Although I recommend Kombucha with precaution, I do think there is a place for it. Kombucha can be great as a transitional aid for people who want to stop drinking soda. It can also be a wonderful drink to have in the summer months, just avoid drinking it everyday.  I do find that my clients who do drink Kombucha everyday are the ones who should not be drinking it.


Myth: All kombucha I make at home is safe for drinking.

There is no clear way to know you are preparing it right. That said, there are precautions you can take to promote a healthy ferment.  Get your Kombucha SCOBI from someone you trust or a reputable source such as KombuchKAMP or Cultures for Health.


Source: via Summer on Pinterest

Additionally, if you are producing your own Kombucha, it is a good idea to check the pH level.  A general rule for a proper batch is a pH between 3 and 4.  The acidity level is initially what preserves your Kombucha. Bottling will also serve as a preservative thanks to the carbonation created as your Buch continues to ferment.  Another important factor is the storage of your Kombucha, when not in use, store your SCOBIs in an airtight glass jar submerged in Kombucha tea.


Myth?: Kombucha is filled with beneficial bacteria and probiotics.

There are probiotics in Kombucha, but are they the ones you want? Research does not currently support the claim that beneficial bacteria are produced in Kombucha fermentation. Research continues to be uncovered though, so stay tuned!

Do you want to know if Kombucha is right for you? Learn how to listen to your gut through the Gut rebuilding Program.

Learn more about making your own kombucha and other ferments at

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How-To Restore Intestinal Health With Probiotic Rich Foods

Homemade Kefir

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest


Every single health concern you have is a message. And it is your job to learn how to interpret that message so you can resolve that health concern. 

Let me give you a few examples of health concerns and resolutions for them. 

Weight: Either your body is toxic and needs to be cleansed, you have a hormonal imbalance from too much sugar, or you are eating more than you are burning. Most often higher caloric intake comes from emotional eating.

Gas: Food is fermenting unchecked in the intestines. This is caused by impaired production of gastric juices, the wrong organisms in the gut, or improper methods of eating. 

Indigestion: This shows that the body is not properly digesting food. It indicates that the food is moving too slowly out of the stomach often from impaired production of gastric juices. 

Acid Reflux: This is often indicated by a lowered production of hydrochloric acid. This reveals lowered zinc levels and overall inhibition in mineral absorption. 

All of these issues indicate a nutritional deficiency and imbalance. Each of these issues can be resolved when the proper nutrients are absorbed by the body. Nutrients are best absorbed in a healthy gut ecology with the right bacteria to do the job!

First step is to eat foods containing probiotics. The best source for this is raw unpasteurized sauerkraut, homemade kefir, and red miso that has been aged for at least 6 months. 


You want to eat probiotic-rich foods with each meal. 

Here are the serving sizes and foods it goes best with. 

Raw-Cultured Sauerkraut: 1-2 big forkfuls with each meal. Pairs great with salad, eggs, toast, meat, avocado, and by itself. 


Homemade Milk or Coconut Kefir: 1/4 Cup with each meal. Add it to salad dressings, fruit, or serve for dessert. 


Red Unpasteurized Miso: 1 Tablespoon per meal. You can add it to salad dressings or drink as a cup of soup.

Source: via Tam on Pinterest


You don’t need to eat all three with each meal. Just pick one fermented food at a minimum and include it in your menu to help restore intestinal health in your household!!!

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Why is the world becoming a better place?

About 7 years ago, while walking through the airport I had a vision. In my mind, I saw kiosks with raw foods snacks, healthy smoothies, chocolate treats that are made without sugar. I envisioned healthy options for the everyday mainstream person as they are trapped in the airport so they can learn that other options do exist.

Chocolate Date Mousse

Source: via Vera Zecevic on Pinterest



I was just in the Atlanta airport and was surprised and relieved to find a smoothie bar with healthy sandwiches and wheatgrass shots. And it wasn’t Jamba Juice. The smoothies were made with real fruit and yogurt and wasn’t chock-full of ice cream. There were quinoa salads! But the best part is that while I waited there for my wheat grass shot, the majority of the people coming in and ordering smoothies and sandwiches were the airport employees. 

Previous to this, I was at the JFK airport and I got off the plane with a hankering for some chocolate. The thing is, I hate eating sugar and I don’t do dairy. So what’s a girl to do? I scanned the shelves as I was walking by and found a raw chocolate bar that was sweetened with dates. Surprise, surprise!

I live in Portland. Nearly every restaurant in that city has gluten-free and vegan menus so eating out is possible without freaking out about getting poisoned. 

I no longer have to travel with all kinds of foods packed in my suitcase because I can trust that I can get access to the food I can eat even within my personal food preferences and intolerance.

I used to do what I call, “Camel it” and pack up all my food for the day like a camel hump and bike around to school and work with a bag so heavy and full of food it was slightly embarrassing.

There are fermented foods companies popping up all over the US. Everywhere I travel, there is a raw-cultured fermented vegetable product in the refrigerated section of each co-op. Just 6 years ago this was not the case. There was only one brand of raw-cultured veggies and they were super expensive. 

There are all kinds of fermented foods being sold at restaurants and grocery stores these days.

There is a restaurant in Chattanooga that uses locally sourced foods. It’s delicious, in fact. These are commonplace in Portland. But now when I visit my family, I can eat at this great place and support an excellent cause while nourishing my body well.

I’ve been gluten-free for 13 years. I’ve been dairy free for about 7. And I co-founded OlyKraut in 2007. I’ve been certifying Fermentationists since last year. 

It used to be super hard to eat out without getting sick. If someone invited me to their house for dinner, I had to educate them about my dietary needs. 

No longer!

The way I see it is that the world is conforming to me. It’s becoming a place where I can live freely and enjoy myself socially in a way that is completely in alignment with my beliefs. 

We have a long way to go. But today we’re going to celebrate these major advances. These are the necessary steps to getting our people healthier, ending disease, and throwing away over-the-counter medications because they heal naturally through rebuilding their gut and eating fermented foods. 

I also think it has something to do with all the graduates from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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Take 2 of these and call me in the morning…

For those of you who are too stressed out, I’ve got a super cool herb to take to help ease the stress, increase endurance, and build your energy levels.

It’s called Rhodiola rosea and it is better for you than a cup of coffee or tea because it nourishes the adrenals. 

Rhodiola rosea

Source: via Arkopharma on Pinterest

My herbal intern, Lindsay, is a Naturopathic student who takes it every morning in tincture form. Even though she doesn’t like the taste, she is a rockstar rallying all day long with all the turns and twists of med school to get everything done. She is stoked that she doesn’t get that afternoon lull anymore…

My favorite way to take it is in capsule form by New Chapter

I take two with breakfast. 

The thing I like most about it is that no matter how stressed out I get, I don’t get to my breaking point. I stay even keel and am way more productive. And it doesn’t interfere with my sleep like coffee does. 

Rhodiola is an adaptogen. An adaptogen is an herb that supports the adrenal glands, which are the main source of adrenaline production in the body. Your ability to handle stress is directly correlated with your body’s ability to produce and break down adrenaline properly. This is impaired with people who have anxiety and panic attacks. 

Cortisol is a major stress hormone. It ages the body and starts breaking tissues down. Adaptogens help the body break down and eliminate cortisol so that relaxation and rest is possible. People with lower levels of cortisol feel safer and experience less disease. 

I especially recommend this herb to entrepreneurs who are trying to build a viable business. They tend to get stressed out easily and need something to keep them from turning to coffee, which breaks the body down, increases stress, and strips minerals.

I also recommend it to health coaches because they need to keep walking the talk and not secretly drinking cappuccinos behind their clients’ backs while telling them to cut it out.

I also recommend this herb to people who are struggling with health concerns of any kind. Health concerns indicate that the body is healing and that alone takes extra work. Helping the adrenals and building energy levels naturally will speed up the healing process.  Read a study about Rhodiola here.

Don’t take this herb if it makes you too wired or crazy. For some people who are sensitive, they find that this is the case. If so, use a more gentle adaptogen like holy basil. More on that one later…