Guts & Glory #28 Allergy shots and Claritin can go bleep themselves

A few weeks ago I visited family for labor day and got smacked in the face with a reality that I’d forgotten:

Many people—in my opinion far too many, people I care about—take their allergies for granted. They put up with it. They take pills, they spend five years getting allergy shots to numb their immune system, rather than stop for a moment to think about what their body is trying to tell them.

What I realized is that I’m just not willing to settle. Period.

Check out this week’s Guts & Glory podcast where I tell you exactly how I reclaimed my life and how you can too.

I want to know: Has your body ever given you a sure sign that something’s up—and what action did you take to remedy it?

Guts & Glory #27: I just went out and bought a sack of white sugar with Summer

You can use sugar wax anywhere you want hairless glory. Legs, arms, eyebrows, bikini line, what-have-you. I found that sugar wax hurt less than going to a pro salon.

Important: you’re going to want to know what to watch out for so you don’t ruin the batch!

Also, tempting as it is, try not to eat this stuff!

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I want to know: What’s your favorite at-home beauty trick?

Guts & Glory 26: How to overpower sugar cravings and bump up digestion with Meghan Hintz

Ever just wander into the kitchen looking for something to eat only to snack mindlessly?

Herba Flora lozenges are what I now grab instead.

These are bitters in a lozenge form! With no alcohol, no sugar, glycerin, soy, corn, GMOs, or animal ingredients. Just pure organic herbs. And they’re delicious!

Megan Hintz designed the four of Herba Flora formulas–Original, Gentle, Warming, and Calming with organic plant ingredients were each was chosen for their desirable action on the digestive system. You can try one or get all four flavors of Herba Flora bitters at

They’re perfect because you can craft the desired effect you’re after. Want to sleep better? Go for Calming Bitters with fennel (also good for the gas). Need more digestive fire? You’ll want to get the Warming Bitters that have cinnamon, coriander and cardamom, plus astragalus.

Head over to Herba Flora bitters at

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I want to know: Do you include bitter things in your diet?

Guts & Glory #25: One cool trick for taking supplements with Summer

Want to know how to make sure you take all your supplements when you travel AND recycle at the same time?

Here’s a quick little video that shows you what to do with all those adorable Altoid tins or Herba Flora tins, which, by the way, I love. Bitters in a lozenge? Brilliant. They’re perfect for midday stress relief, great for sensitive digestive tracts, and they’re a totally great cure for whenever I start to think that stress eating is a good idea…

You can pick up Herba Flora lozenges over at

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I want to know: What’s your best trick for making sure you take your supplements?

Guts & Glory #24: The 30 second spice blend that I’m obsessing over with Summer

Q: What makes a healthy habit stick?

A: When it’s friggin’ delicious!

Spices are a simple way to step up your cleansing and gut rebuilding efforts, but most people are missing out on this culinary (and healthy) delight. They help you enjoy the food (eat your veggies!) and many are supportive of digestion. Translation: less gas, diarrhea, and constipation as food moves through your digestive track smoothly. They even kill harmful bacteria.

This week’s Guts & Glory podcast is a 3-minute video to teach you the healthy and oh-so-tasty spice blend that you’re going to want to put on just about everything. This makes a huge difference in your path to being healthy!

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I want to know: What’s your current spice crush?

3 Steps to Rebuilding the Gut



Dysbiosis is what happens when the wrong microorganisms are living in the gut. Studies show that this causes a slew of chronic diseases. Given that nearly everyone has experienced the 3 main causes of dysbiosis, Everyone in todays society needs to rebuild their gut to ensure they are farming the right bacteria.

Here are the 3 steps of rebuilding the gut:
Increasing Nutrition – This step helps feed your cells, speeds up the process of healing, and feeds the right bacteria. Learning which foods have the best nutrients for rebuilding the gut is an imperative step in your journey. You increase nutrition through getting the right bacteria in your gut, too. They help digest food better and extract more nutrients from the food you eat, but also produce vitamins onsite in your intestines for you to absorb.

Using Herbs & Supplements to help support the natural systems of the body – The body always wants to heal. Being in balance is what the body knows how to do. Using herbs and supplements to support the natural systems of the body will speed up healing. It is a great way to jumpstart your energy levels naturally. You should be energized all day long, sleep like a dog at night, and have no nagging health concerns. That is your natural state. Herbs can help teach and remind your body how to do those things. The great thing about herbs and supplements is that your body doesn’t need them forever. The point of using them is to learn how to live life on a sustainable maintenance level. This means most of the herbs you take will just be for the short term until your body is better.

Detoxifying your body on all levels – This helps your body enter a state of rest and restore so you can access your innate healing powers. Detoxifying lowers stress, removes tension, attune to your bodies natural rhythms of sleeping, eating, and exercise, and deepens your awareness of your body so you can make the right decisions about how to treat yourself. There are two sides to detoxing – Slowing the toxins coming in and speeding up the toxins going out. You have to slow the toxins coming in from your food, environment, mind, and emotions. You have to open your 7 channels of elimination to speed up the toxins going out.

Guts & Glory #23: Marc David’s advice totally helped Katherine’s 67-year-old client get a breakthrough!

Wellness practitioners are going to flip out about this!

A couple weeks ago we held the very first Showcase Club expert session with Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Joining us on the call was Katherine Miller of MBodied a health coach for menopausal women + member of my Fermentationist Certification Program.

Katherine gave us the particulars of one of her clients who is dealing with multiple health issues, and Marc offered some insight that really rocked Katherine’s ability to help her client.

Marc explained:

  • What it really means to work with your ideal client
  • The difference between inspiring your client and motivating them— which can be the difference between getting drained or refueled after a session
  • His personal rule for when to let go of a client

We really got into what it would takes to help this client who so desperately wanted to feel better and eat healthier so she could have more time with her grandkids.


“I had a session today with the woman I was speaking about. I framed everything just as Mark David suggested, using my own understanding of her personally, and she responded immediately and positively. She even upscaled the word “queen” to “empress” which is actually more suitable for her age and profession, and when I suggested that she had an adolescent relationship to her body and health, she offered that it was preteen at best. :) How wonderful is that?

I think this is the first time I have been able to connect with her at that level of communication where everything is real and serious and there is also a lot of love.”

I couldn’t be happier for Katherine and her client!

This expert session with Marc David is a perfect example of how the Showcase Club will continually elevate your skills by teaching you to examine the way you work with clients and patients using real-life case studies and real-life practitioners.

Want to watch this Showcase Club expert session? Click here!

You’ll be taken to the Showcase Club page where you can download the video + the session handout with all the case details Katherine presented to Marc David.

Enter your email on the left side of the page and you’ll get to watch this hour long session for free!


Check out the video now!

Guts & Glory #22: What do you do to get motivated?

I ate gluten for two weeks without knowing it. I could tell something was off – the 6 pounds I gained, the restlessness, the agitation, the increased food cravings, the insatiable appetite – and it needed to change.

I spent a few thousand dollars on food allergy, genetic, and blood tests. Because I have reached a point in my life where I just can’t settle for feeling like crap.

Before the results came back I discovered that a local restaurant was misleading me. They told me their crackers were made ‘in-house and gluten-free’. But when I asked for the 11th time I discovered that ‘whole wheat flour’ was the very first ingredient.

I stopped eating the crackers and started to try to get my weight back to normal, but the cravings were still so intense. I felt unmotivated.

I know what to do to feel better, but I just didn’t feel like doing it. I wanted to eat what everyone else was eating and I didn’t feel like drinking juice or smoothies just yet.

Isn’t it crazy that we know what to do and still don’t/can’t/won’t do it??!!

What in the past has motivated you to get out of your ruts and make a change? Answer in the comments below.

Guts & Glory #21 Is it just you or is it your thyroid? What you need to know about this autoimmune disorder with Izabella Wentz

Is sleeping for 10-12 hours normal for you? Eat healthy but still gain weight? Think your acid reflux is just your body being annoying? Losing your hair to losing your mind???

It could be Hashimoto Disease — a fancy term for an underactive thyroid. This condition affects 20% of people in US and until recently was only addressed through some particularly nasty pharmaceuticals.

This week on the Guts & Glory I interviewed Izabella Wentz, a pharmacist turned thyroid advocate, Hashimoto expert, and NY Times bestselling author of the patient guide, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, which offers lifestyle interventions for finding and treating the root cause of this disease.

What I love about Izabella is her story of how Hashimoto changed her viewpoint on western medicine and ended up being her greatest teacher.

Izabella was diagnosed with Hashimotos 6 years ago, at a time when no one else was talking about lifestyle intervention. Her doctor prescribed antidepressants, thyroid meds, and told her that she just better prepare herself for more autoimmune disorders down the road.

Of course she didn’t like that answerIn this week’s podcast she shares what she did to cause her Hashimotos to go into remission and what symptoms to look for.

Izabella wanted to improve her condition rather than just take meds (and still feel terrible). It’s awesome how she advocated for herself when she was diagnosed, but she’s the first to tell you that it wasn’t an easy road. (But absolutely possible if you have all the information and want to heal from the root.)

You’ll find more about what she did for success and how to learn from her mistakes in her book, [Hashimotos Thyroiditis,] which is the first thing I send to my clients with this condition.

Izabella shared her 3-legged stool theory on what causes autoimmune disorders to develop, how to listen and honor what your body is telling you, and the real time frame for how long it took for her to integrate all she learned.

Learn more about Izabella and go pick up her amazing goodies and resources here:

Thanks for watching and sharing this podcast.

I want to know: Have you ever been tested for Hypothyroid Disease and what did your doctor recommend?

Guts & Glory #20: The one thing I carry with me everywhere (besides my drivers’ license) Summer Bock interviews Lauren Haynes

The one thing I carry with me everywhere (besides my drivers’ license)

This one thing comes in a tiny bottle and is a mood enhancer, helps you feel more relaxed and centered, and best of all—improves digestion.

And you know how all of us at Bock HQ love fabulous digestion…next thing you know we’ll be posting poop pictures to Instagram.

Ew. No. NO! We would NEVER do that. But we have thought about it, and now so have you. Sorry.

So, moving on (A-HEM), what is this wildly wonderful thing I speak of? Nothing more than good ‘ol fashioned bitters.

Bitters are a botanical remedy specially formulated to build digestive fire & increase assimilation of nutrients.

Ultimately, bitters prevent disease because most diseases or health issues are caused from one of two things: under-nourishment or over-toxicity.

Bitters help you get more nourishment from the food you eat by increasing the absorbability of the vitamins and minerals. A few drops gets the digestion process humming so you can build to your mineral stores and nourish the body.

Many different herbs can be used to make bitters. The herbs are soaked in alcohol, then strained to make a strong, and yes, bitter concoction that is taken in the mouth. Just a few drops taken 5-30 minutes before a meal starts the digestive process.

Bitters became popular in the beginning of 20th century in the speakeasy scene, and were also sold as health tonics or elixirs. The recent revival of the craft cocktail scene has led to a resurgence in bitters.…

But not all are created equal, and not all have healing properties. Some have sugar, non-ethically harvested ingredients, or can be contraindicated for some conditions. In the video we talk about what you need to look for and where to get the BEST BITTERS EVER!

Here is where y0u can get your very own bitters.

Check out our Liver Lover Warming Bitters right over here 😉

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I want to know: What bitter foods do you like?